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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

Getting a well-deserved pedicure can be an awesome task or a total fail, let’s find out what to look out for when getting a well-deserved pedicure and sort out the concerns thereof.

Night time foot massage is definitely one to relieve stress and improve the body's circulation from a long day stressing the feet which most faves whose work entails standing or walking a lot totally understand. Other stress relieving factors entail getting a lovely foot dip, soak, wash, scrub and rub. With an optional beautiful coat on the toe tips otherwise noted as and being called a PEDICURE, the focus of our discussion today.At least was my experience after a long while of well-deserved foot care pamper. On a relatively serious note though, I found that the water that was used for my pedicure in about three different states in Nigeria was really hot, like literally hot, which is bad for the skin because besides the exfoliation process we want going on, there is a first degree skin burn along the way too which is not quite what I envisioned when discussing about water remedy for burns here. As a fellow aesthetician with beauty rules, I sometimes keep shut and try to enjoy the whole process enduring notable imperfections here and there until when it’s just outright ridiculous. When you notice a terrible decision is being made on your skin, always speak up. It is your right to protect your skin. Peering into the bowl of pedicure materials she brought out a razor blade, then I asked her what the blade was meant for with no signs of approval on my face, she said ‘to scrap the bottom of my foot’.

‘Well does my foot really need it’ I thought aloud kindly, and she replied with an affirmative ‘no’.

Almost soon wiping the dead skin off my soles with so much ease and silence. Just like a disc jockey(DJ) playing and a fan walking up to the DJ making requests like they do not enjoy the music being played is a similar scenario here which in fact most DJs cannot stand, while others take it and improve some more. The immediate reaction would depend on the individual's personality. Razor blade;

A razor blade is a sharp and should be used with care, ask yourself questions like are you someone with a foot at risk (a diabetic patient, a sickle cell anemic patient or other illnesses a physician might have warned you about). Moral of the story is if you're mistakenly cut it's just sorry you’ll hear and that's the end of the supposed relaxing moment, you freak out and act some drama. For me, I'd rather be safe than sorry.I can imagine how terrible some soles look and even though they look like they need it, the risk potential is greater. Many products are available that can in a series of pedicures get your feet that well deserved, pampered and baby silk soft feet you desire.

I enjoyed my pedicure by a young aesthetician, especially the foot massage after. But with experience, it's taught to air your concerns when it has to do with your beauty, looks, body, skin, and health any and every time to experts. Do you have a similar beauty story you'd also like to share? Share them with us here on Favorite Physician, you can send an email here to Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

Love F.P.

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