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The Voice of True beauty

Skin problems differ from person to person; therefore, it is paramount to have a unique solution tailored specifically to such a need whenever it arises.


Favorite Physician: is a hotspot, branded for people of color. We offer solutions for everyday skincare challenges faced by all age groups while promoting the benefits of a renewed healthy natural lifestyle.


Governed by a qualified beauty expert with medical experience, Favorite Physician helps to address all skin related issues that affects self-confidence and to promote health awareness;

by leading a balanced healthy natural lifestyle,

sharing optimal skin care plans

and promoting a longer lifespan in confidence,

through our multimedia tools by which satisfactory lasting results are produced and all desired expectations are met.

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Dr Anne ‘K1’ Saidu

 Kazzie as she is fondly called, graduated from the very prestigious V. N Karazin Kharkiv National University, School of Medicine in Kharkiv, Ukraine with MD.

During the course of her stay in Eastern Europe, she pursued her passion for beauty and became an Aesthetic Physician.

Since then, she has also gained other qualifications in Management and Leadership in health, Clinical research and is on the residency path in dermatology (an ECFMG applicant).
She is a bonafide member of the Nigerian Medical Association.

Amongst her many qualifications she is also a Creative Art Designer
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