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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

If you were involved in a self contest or some competition you owned today, what factor do you possess that will help you to win it, hands down?

Selling Point!

Selling Point!!

What first comes to your mind, when you hear the phrase "Selling Point"?

First, let me take us down memory lane.

Do you remember the Mavin Records Artist- D’Prince, well I hope you not only do but also the song he sang; Goody Bag - that talks about selling point.

Before you start wondering how that goody bag song, has anything to do with the skin.

Calm down!

For me to remind us of the goody bag song, only means one thing.

Today! We're going down, realer (forgive my grammar English critics) than we ever have.

BTW that song was a blast mehnn.


A goody bag describes all the things one loves, coupled together and being presented as a gift or reward system and how ones selling point is used to get them.


So how does one get the long list of goodies from Santa?

"By being good, of course."

Even a kid knows this.

But, the fact a kid doesn't know is this;

”The Use Of One’s Selling Point can get em all the goodies they desire.”


  1. One must first off know what that selling point is.

To know one’s selling point is an integral and very important factor in getting things done and receiving a reward system, in this case whatever has possibly made it to the goody bag reward list; and our focus of discussion today.

One’s Selling Point can trigger lots of goodies in the bag

Selling Point!

Selling Point...

What Is Selling Point defined as in this context?

Selling point can be described as what you possess that makes you attractive to other people or plainly how you stand out that makes others like you.

Remember that juvenile Wizkid’s song - ”Fine girl no pimple”...

Well freshness as can be described always has a place as the number one primary selling point for women. Which regardless of gender means the skin.

Let's further break this down;

Selling point can either be primary, secondary and some might say tertiary (acquired).


The primary selling point has a lot to do with what a person sees straight up when you're looked at.

The primary selling point is very visual.

At a quick glance - the skin, the height and the body build of nobody can be hidden; so the thoughts explored looks like;

"Is he tall, short or just averaged height?”

"Is she slim, petite or just big n bold?”

more popularly, a woman’s body shape, figure 8, 6packs or abs, straight legs, flat tummy, charming eyes....

For Example: what is the first thing you look at when you see a person?

The skin obviously, the skin is larger than any attempts can be made to cover it up.

You'll think: is he light-skinned, is she darker or glowing more,

Wow! What a beauty...

You see, the eyes pick all of this at once without overthinking.

The hair- which is at the level of the head and gives the face most of its shape, is instantly exposed on eye contact; could be a second.

The nails - is another, more so because it's categorized as part of the skin.

Eyes- This is more on a deeper level and shall not be discussed, except you care to share some psychological facts with us.

"Primary selling point is more visual than any other selling points."


The secondary selling point has more to do with talents, hobbies or just things one seem to be great at, that makes selected people think;

Hmm! I think I like that quality or Damnn! Where have you been all my life?

The fact is secondary selling points are not common and can be very selective.

One talent I'm personally attracted to is an exceptional photographer maybe because I photograph well too.

Most ladies admire a man who can cook, partly because it is not generally considered a man’s duty to be creative in the kitchen.

Both gender appreciates a person who smells really nice.

The fashion sense of an individual might be mistaken for a primary selling point, but far from that. A person’s fashion sense might be part of the first thing you see when you look at them but it's tailored to the fancy of the individual looking.

Others include acting, singing, dancing, cat walking, or could be a beautiful smile and so on.

"One's Selling point must always first be primary before adding a secondary factor, while counting."

When the primary and secondary selling points of an individual are added, we get multiple selling points.

Like; "A beauty with brains" - which just means that the individual is a beautiful sight to behold and has an added advantage of being really intelligent or smart.

But my favorite is when its said of the Skin.

"Humble pride some might say, since you know it, flaunt it and don’t have to utter a word."
  • The heart of the matter is when your skin is your selling point you have to do all it takes to keep it beautiful, protect it from harsh conditions, bipolar weather, abused chemicals and so on.

The demand of a beautiful skin is simple, be nice, adhere to the instructions of your Favorite Physician, follow while getting regular updates, and you'll possess all your goodies with her.

Now to that factor I started with, hopefully you've gotten a hang of yours, when and how to use 'em (*winks).

If you still need help deciphering your selling point, send us an email to

We sure can help you.

Shout out to the amazing mavin records giving better jamz since AF (After Fela) much love to D'Prince, Don baba J himself, our amazing African princess Tiwa and the entire mavin family.

Check out for unbelievable expose on the skin, updated regularly here on Favorite Physician by subscribing now!

Tell me what you think is your selling point fave? Lets discuss more in the comment session below...

Love you always,


Favorite Physician.

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