How did Favorite Physician begin?

Started in January 2016 as a skin blog, branded for people of color.An enterprise, branded for people of color; with the hopes of unveiling true beauty, that cuts way across and goes beyond the physical but lies in the need for leading a renewed natural healthy lifestyle.

What we do?

We offer solutions for everyday skincare challenges faced by all age groups while promoting the benefits of a renewed healthy natural lifestyle.

To diagnose issues that affect the self-confidence of individuals while creating the best solutions, with satisfactory lasting results that are easy to maintain.

I have tried numerous products and other beauty experts; I need result please?

The difference in various beauty problems faced in life poses as a challenge to confidence, which is why having a solution only tailored to meet your specific need from a qualified beauty expert with medical experience is key.

Favorite Physician is always ready to meet your desired expectations, embracing imperfections and helping pull true beauty into full view.

I have made a lot of skin and health mistakes; Can Favorite Physician help me?

The use of harmful chemicals in our everyday lives through processed foods, cosmetic products, environmental factors on our health are inevitable. However, besides fast becoming a trend which is poisonous to both our present and future selves, allow Favorite Physician help you achieve the necessary balance needed in living a confident long life through the combination of a glamorous skin and a healthy natural lifestyle.

Why is Favorite Physician’s Voice focused on media?

Communication is important to pass information across all cadres of life especially with health. Ignorance is never an excuse, which is why in this millennial generation where social media is the integral tool used for massive and worldwide message delivery.

Favorite Physician has chosen to maximize this and share socially coated qualitative health information to everyday health challenges by relatable means i.e. via health articles, videos, movies and stories all targeted at enlightening the entire family.

How Can I Contact Favorite Physician?

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How Do I Book For A Consultation?

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Is My Consultation Private?

All consultations given according to the medical ethics and codes are private unless otherwise expressly stated by the client with full permission for promotional use only.

How do I advertise my product or services on Favorite Physician?

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How do I Guest Blog or make a Contribution?

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How Do I make a Donation?

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