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How To Maintain A Whiter Skin Tone Gotten Naturally All Year Long

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

Coming back from what I'll describe as a beautiful vacation during my favorite time of the year sure added some value to me.

I previously shared how for the past 3 years and more, I have being using a natural Shea butter mix on my skin which in a lot of sense has drastically turned my skin around.

Yea, working in an extremely hot climate didn't smile to my skin at all.There was significant damage to the skin of my extremities regardless of how much I avoided the ultra violent radiation from the sun.

There was significant damage to the skin of my extremities regardless of how much I avoided the ultra violent radiation from the sun.

My feet was black, my entire hands and parts of my face and neck looked like the city itself, hahaa...Spending just a month during spring in a cooler climate region had its effect on my skin without much work.

I literally didn't exfoliate my skin the entire period and didn't use any special soaps while applying my Shea butter mix the entire period.

My skin currently glows more, previously darker regions appear more even and I'm loving it.

Africans and people with skin of color have a shade share when the weather alternates, as such we develop more skin shades than we can imagine.

So quickly I'll share a load down of how to maintain a whiter skin tone gotten naturally from a cold weather all hot climate long.

How to maintain the beautiful skin gotten naturally during the lovely cold weather in a baking hot weather easily.

"I feel like there are some preservative properties in the climate during a cold season like how meat produces are kept in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a longer period."

What to know is there must be a conscious alternation of these habits I'll be sharing.

To introduce a summer reaction in the winter and vice versa.

Let's start with winter.

This is the time of the year when you have to moisturise and treat the skin with better protection.

The winter season is quite cold for the skin therefore during summer it takes time to adjust, with all thanks for the seasons in between that regulates these reactions.

To introduce an opposite weather reaction in the winter would be to visit the sauna.

  • Have sauna sessions at least twice the entire winter season.

  • Other ways would be to steam longer in the shower.

What steaming in a hot sauna does to the skin cannot be over emphasized for the total health of an individual, but most importantly to me is how the blood circulation is improved.

The effects of winter on the skin begins to show during spring which is when the skin is gradually being exposed and admired of course.


This is the time to hydrate more and prevent any damage to the skin.

At this stage the heat has fully blown in, and gets unbearable if its in the tropics.

No worries we can work through this one.

  • Equip your motor vehicle with air conditioner or ensure your means of transportation has an air conditioning unit.

  • Avoid heavy-weight cosmetics except on special occasions.

  • Never forget your sunscreen sunscreen protections tip I love that has worked for me right from my teen-age

  • Apply baby powder generously all over your skin, back, chest, between the thighs and wherever else is prone to heat but please don't let it show.

  • You know the drill of wearing socks and gloves because it's cold, this actually does promote the products to sink and work better on the skin. This can also be applied during summer, wearing light weight socks all day long, helps decrease the effects of UV on the skin, preserves the skin and makes cosmetic products applied work better as well.

My lovely Zambian friend and I joke about the Caramel and Chocolatey skin a lot right immediately after winter because we can both relate to how easy it is to admire the glow of the winter effects on the skin.

While some work hard for a summer body, note it doesn't stop there, a whiter skin in summer is an even bigger dream.

We hope you were able to learn a trick or two from how to maintain a winter skin all year long and have the same glow even in summer.

If you have amazing tips you'd love to share please do in the comment box below. We'd love to hear your questions and thoughts too.



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