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U.V rays. Do Rainbow Vampires Exist?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Ultraviolet means beyond violet. Think of the colors of the rainbow, do you ever imagine, that there is a color beyond violet?

True/False? Unless you exist as a vampire, you need this information ASAP.

Dear Fave,

New in Jtown and I was trying to get a bottle of body lotion. After pacing and glancing, at what seemed like almost all the cosmetics there, I still was not satisfied, so I had to ask one of the attendants at the section for cosmetics to help me out, which didn't turn out great because she only tried to sell the bottle of her favorite products to me, well not satisfied yet, I specifically requested for a sunscreen protector, then she replied saying “Why do you need a sunblock?, you have no sunburns.”

In utter disappointment, I excused myself, amazed at her level of ignorance.

This topic wouldn't be so personal or touching, if when you walked into a cosmetic store, and half of the store is so filled with cosmetics containing the wrong choice of skin protection, asides seeing all sorts of bleaching contents in bottles, you can find an actual shelf for only moisturizing products which contains sunscreen protection, not even just the sunscreen protection factor itself (SPF). In a way, I sort of do not blame all the rainbow people we see around, when the majority of cosmetics they find either do not have any SPF included in nor do they get educated on its importance with the current cosmetic product they use.

U.V rays

Ultraviolet radiation has a higher frequency than violet light. With effects both beneficial and harmful. UVA, UVB, UVC and so on, which all depends solely on the wavelength reached. Ultraviolet radiation spans wavelengths from which is from 10-400 nanometers and is an important component of sunlight, although the ozone layer prevents much of it from reaching the earth's surface which is now a source of concern due to ozone depletion and ozone hole amongst other global warming issues presently. While U.V rays is necessary for the production of bone strengthening vitamin D 2 in the skin, excessive exposure can be harmful, causing skin cancer and genetic mutation by direct DNA damage, suntan, freckling and sunburn, damage of collagen fibers and accelerated aging of the skin. Vitamin A being destroyed in the skin.


As a defense against UV radiation, the melanin in the skin increases when it is exposed to a moderate level of radiation(suntan) and explains the brown skin color of Africans due to the environment, and other regions of Sahara and sub-Saharan nationals.

Melanin’s main purpose is to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as harmless heat, blocking the UV rays from damaging the skin tissue.

Sunscreen Protection Factors- SPF 15-45 (mostly containing titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, avobenzone) is advisable to use before the skin is going to be exposed to the violent Ultra-Violet radiation frequently.


  • Time of the day: UV rays are strongest between the hours of 10 am and 4pm

  • Season of the year: UV rays are stronger during spring and summer, which is all year long in Africa because even on a cloudy day, UV rays can get through.

  • U.V rays reach the ground at higher elevations.

  • Spending a lot of time outdoors for work or recreation, increases your risk therefore you should put on protective clothes like full long sleeved shirts and socks. Wear face caps, sun-hats (wide brimmed). Find shades or use an umbrella. Wear sun-glasses for the prevention of cataracts and always apply sunscreen protection.

Photo credit- Jid-pixels.

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