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5 Ways In Which Water Works Effect Of Wonders On You.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

Spring-sunshine says the weather today, it's a cool thing that the Spring season agrees with how you're doing, just as I have a beauty secret to share.

The body generally is a beautiful creation and obviously has a mind of its own, more like a reset button when it needs it here and there, now and then, called the parasympathetic system.

The parasympathetic work is to make actions without your will and help create a process of equilibrium in the body, so as acting on your behave.

I know reality raves great, so lets discuss fave-

5 Ways In Which Water Works Effect Of Wonders On You.

It is no wonder a human adults make-up consists 60% of fluid/water and a baby approximately 80%.

How does the body maintain this make-up of water, why does it need so much and how does it replace it?

  • How does the body maintain this make-up of water?

The body system I must say has a lot of tricks, that even the greatest of the greatest of minds are yet to assimilate, but without going too deep detail-wise for your mind, lets see the amount of water involved in a good healthcare.

  • Why does the body need so much water?

Imagine something friction prone, well obviously it needs fluid to function properly, this is how the entire system of the human body operates. A friction/damage free basis due to the proper supply of water in the body and not working on a risk of damage due to friction where not needed.

  1. Water improves metabolism.

Iced or warm, try to drink a glass or two in the early hours of the day, preferably right after midnight when your body wakes you up to pee (urinate) at night just as it is a perfect time to replace water-loss, more so that is about the hour your body rebuilds and restores itself from the days need without prompting you of a thirst and more. It is good, when you wake up in the morning (after dawn) as well, (my preference being at night though). You work a sweat after a fitness regime what better way to replace water-loss than with drinking more water.

  1. Try a fluid diet and see what all the hype about detoxifying the body really means.

Basically when you want to wash anything clean you need an agent in water right? It is the same way the body washes itself clean of toxins you just cannot think about, coupled with the help of organs like the kidneys, the liver, the skin, the lungs which amongst other functions have that of an excretory function. These helps filter substances during your daily activities and more like a flush in water system.

  1. Hydrate enough so as to discolor the fluid in your system and know dehydration signs.

Most fluids in the body should be clear indicating good health, as the content of the fluids of the body shows in the color and mostly the consistency, the skin and the mucous membrane helps with this process, it is an indicator for when the body does not have sufficient water in its system, through the signs of dehydration as seen in the skin, hair, nails and mucous membrane.

  1. Digestion. Flush in water system, wash the system.

It is no new fact that when you drink sufficient water, it assists the process in which food goes through the body, easy in, easy out. When you drink water you prevent a constipation, water is even used as enema to treat constipation. When you have a fecal waste or stool in the water closet what do you do?, you flush and wash the water closet, same goes for your system. You flush and wash the system, this way it prevents a stink and gas release amongst others and enables a clean clear passage for the next waste to journey through.

  1. Treatment.

In most medicines or drugs you are prescribed, it follows the instruction of being taken with or in a fluid. When you are sick with a cold the ultimate prescription still involves a lot of water/fluid intake plus plenty rest. Why? Because your body replaces water-loss and heals itself from the outer reaction.

  • How does the body replace water? Simple, drink lots of water.

  • Except it is an emergency and you need help from your Physician getting it through your veins.

  • Do not wait till you fill a thirst to drink water.

  • Replace water-loss from sweating, salivating, urinating and other bodily fluids loss by drinking water often.

  • Apply a moisturizing lotion to coat the skin right after a shower, locking in the water left on the skin, preventing a dry/cracked skin.

  • I cannot over-emphasis the importance of drinking water, you cannot have too much water. Remember drinking water everyday keeps an ailment away.


Favorite Physician.

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