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Perfect weight or an abnormal BMI.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Weight, abnormal BMI is a very severe condition that affects a lot of people world-wide.

Dear Fave,

You are not fat, there isn't a term as such in the fave dictionary, so find out what this medical condition is called and why.

Overweight/Obese. The O’s. Just because a person is looking bigger than their other peers doesn't mean it isn't healthy, especially if someone is skinny on the smaller side, doesn't mean they have a weight problem either, so before you pass a judgement and like I learnt just recently from a beautiful friend- when you make assumptions you make an ass of u, me ( excuse my language) but that is how, it not just feels but really is in reality, when you go around calling a perfectly healthy person fat for no right justification, all on assumptions without a fact, disturbing their psychological peace.

Fave if you have ever been called fat, please before accepting it make an effort to see a physician who would properly diagnose and tell you remedies you need concerning this weight issue if you are diagnosed, by the way you can also check the scale yourself before you experience a white coat hypertension in the physicians office.

BMI- Body Mass Index (Quetelet's index) involves the following;



Result: BMI = kg/m2

Decimal Precision: Body Mass Index Interpretation

BMI < 18.5: Below normal weight

BMI >= 18.5 and < 25: Normal weight

BMI >= 25 and < 30: Overweight

BMI >= 30 and < 35: Class I Obesity

BMI >= 35 and < 40: Class II Obesity

BMI >= 40: Class III Obesity

You have your results.

Also, which is even more acceptably due to its accuracy is the waist circumference. Which I will be discussing next time.

The weight affects the mind of a lot of faves, psychologically, mentally and physically. It is a serious issue and should be addressed as such please.

Anorexia, Binge, eating disorder rates, all can be reduced if we learn to care and be careful how we break such news to other faves.

Visit a physician to address the issue if any, God bless.

Love Favorite Physician.

Next on Favorite Physician, More on weight loss fast…. exclude superstitions

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