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Swooshhh!!! spray and walk in, Is that how you use a perfume? Birthday Special Post.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

I know there are many views when it comes to spraying perfumes, so I will just put you through a few of mine.

In a good mood, partly an effect perfumes do have on a lot of us, of course bearing in mind the one it does on the other party sniffing on it,

My first rule states you do not have to break the bank to smell good.

Expensive or fairly cheap apart from the fact that I dislike it when you choke others around you while spraying a perfume just because you want a perfume to last all day or weeks hahaa. Fave what really matters is how you wear it so follow this few tricks and experience a change in the way you smell, feel and make others feel around you.

Everybody, everyday applies some sort of perfumes, sub-consciously or consciously, you say how? Its in the creams, lotions, bath gels, soaps, deodorant sticks, sprays or from the beautifully prepared bottles from which most are stored.

This fact you should know.

Alcohol based perfumes that are cheap should not be applied directly to your skin to avoid the harsh effects and in most cases skin reactions.

Skin - the less perfume based skin care products you apply to the skin the better and smoother for the skin.

I heard a dear friend complain about how others like and compliment her on her perfume but she just cannot seem to smell it on herself - well the solution to this is using the best target spots on the body which would be the wrist, inside the elbows, on the neck, on the abdomen, ankles, behind the knees. If you notice these are points that have folds and you most likely flex and extend through the day, formulating heat to vaporize the perfume more all day and keeps you smelling good and lasting all day. Oh well me when I need to I just sniff into my wrist or my palms, that euphoria feeling, it sure re boosts my mood, try it. It works.

I give a plus to oil perfumes because they are chemically prepared to last longer on the skin and most times the main raw material/ingredient needed and used to prepare the perfumes, similar to how perfumes last longer on an oily skin or oily areas of the skin. The unadulterated effect of perfume I call this.

N.B pls reduce the amount of perfume you apply if it falls under oil category, here less is more.

If you have a dry skin make sure to moisturize first or apply an oil to the area sprayed to help keep the perfume scent under lock on the skin.

Well for that light feel - swooshh spray it in the air and walk right in, sharing the fragrance of the perfume evenly over the body and definitely with the room, but this works good also when you are fully dressed and do not want to stain your outfit or leave marks.

Avoid perfume stains by applying them right after you take a bath before dressing up,

If you're like me and dislike someone guessing the name of the perfume you have on, mix two perfumes on, the stronger scent goes on first then the lighter fragrance next. Watch the perfume switch in an instance. Just receiving the complement without the guess hahaa.

Lastly for a beautiful feel and mood in bed, before you have those fresh linens laid on the bed, freshen it more by applying a bit of soft perfume on the linens and dissolve into a beautiful night sleep. Pillows, duvet, better than cuddling, not to be taken personally.

—Store perfumes in a cool dry area, avoiding heat which

makes the fragrance last longer in the containers, preventing evaporation and its break down.

Love, Favorite Physician.

Photo credit- @pascalconcepts

location - wild-life park Jos. Plateau State.

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