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Securing A Beautiful Skin; Journey So Far

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

The skin like a baby, desires attention, lots of perception and obviously experience coupled with expertise when it has to do with care. Also, you’ll be thrilled to know that like any young new mum, at first she feels crazy and helpless, trying to decode the new baby’s signs and language, until she eventually eases into the trade and becomes a proud mama, feeling like a pro...

There is a connection between the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin called the dermo-epidermal junction, which serves a major purpose in the communication between the dermal and epidermal junction. However, in aging skin, there's a flattening of this dermo-epidermal junction, as well as a breakdown of major dermal tissues like the collagen, elastin, and proteins present, resulting in a decrease of their function and turnover. This tissue help keep the skin elastic, tensile enough, glowing, hydrated and gives the skin its colour, but due to a disturbance in this flow, coupled with factors that promote the skin to age, the body begins to show signs of aging in different forms; hyper-pigmentation or dark spots, sagging skin, dull glow-less skin, dry and patchy skin, and the mother of all lines and wrinkles.

Factors that promote the skin to age

Aging skin is caused by factors beyond actually aging physiologically. Daily habits contribute greatly to aging, either intrinsically or extrinsically. The environment plays a big role in the extrinsic factor but there are other factors to bear in mind also, such as:

  • Exposure to sunlight UV radiation.

  • Smoking.

  • Excessive alcohol

  • Diet.

  • Fitness.

Prevent the skin from aging

So, while the collagen and other dermal tissues that buffer the skin, leaving it supple, soft and elastic is decreasing and the connection between this dermo-epidermal junction reduces. There is another reason why the skin looks unflattering, dry, chapped, dull and aging. The epidermal layer consists of mostly dead layers of skin awaiting a turnover, which is why it’s advised to exfoliate the skin regularly, aiding the process of skin regeneration. There’s unity in the body and how it functions. That being said, explains why a regular facial, spa time, bubble bath, massage and every other body pampering events that can regulate the body's hormonal balance, decrease stress hormones and increase exciting hormones is promoted.

"There’s unity in the body and how it functions"

My Beautiful Skin's Journey So Far

I realize that a lot of people are faced with several skin conditions and would relate better when they know they are not alone. I welcome you on my beautiful skin's journey and hope you welcome someone on yours too. It is no hidden fact that the environment plays a major role in the care of our skin, fitness, diet and eventually health in general, which is why we discussed them here in the global geographical skincare issues and solution.

Moving on! Let's trace it back to what I've done so far on my beautiful skin journey. My first step was to scrutinize and trash all the bad products I had spent so much on, in beautifully mixed packages, (N.B. beware of those currently trending publicized products on Instagram claiming to provide 101 solutions for nothing) and to seek a senior expert opinion. It was more than just fulfilling all righteousness, because it’s basically all I’ve been taught in the classroom, what I’ll tell a patient, or what I've learned along my intuitive true beauty journey. So why wasn't I following what I already knew?

With the instructions given me, I packed all the acclaimed products bought both home and abroad boldly stating organic, or do not contain parabens, mercury or hydroquinone. I didn't intentionally own any products containing steroids because, from personal experience, I knew better than to go near steroids again, they are so terrible. Unfortunately, they have effects that linger, even after use has been discontinued, besides steroidal withdrawal symptoms. Steroids, though applied on the skin has a way of being introduced into the bloodstream and circulating the body system, causing major havoc in the process.

At one glance, the consultant dermatologist said it was a form of steroidal acne and with the other doctors present we discussed all about current trends affecting a healthy skin, late presentation seeking professional help, effects of mass ignorant skin education by non professionals on media, the products I was currently using, their uselessness and other jokes. He wrote a prescription out and that was how with just two creams on a prescription pad (Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin A), we had a conclusion. I rebooted back to the importance of textbook basics. I never would have at that moment thought to follow, not with all the current trends.

Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin A. I mean I’d have a dermatologist prepare a special antibiotic paste that could make my makeup look all ghostly and recommend me natural homemade face masks and cleansers, but benzoyl peroxide and Retin A Nah. In fact my beauty teacher would scream at the scare of its use in the harsh conditions of the weather in Africa.

The outcome - Hmm!

It was harsh. I had the most terrible skin peeling, cracking and dryness you can imagine because I used it during the harmattan season (which is better than in sunny weather). Speak of stimulating exfoliation, the old skin had to give way for the regenerated skin. I got a lot darker in the process which is one of the side effects of Retin A.

It was a process, one I didn’t need convincing would work, even though I experienced more breakouts than before, but it felt like all the whiteheads and pimples buried within were looking for a way to get out.

I did several acne facial extractions but limited my use of any cosmetic and skincare products that were harsh, to reduce further sensitivity to my skin. When the skin had gone through the initial radical treatment phase and was doing way better, I got a little bit lost on how to continue the plan initially, but eventually, I just put to use my cosmetology knowledge. Initiating a new beauty regimen and slowing weaning off the radical treatment plan, more carefully of course and mostly all natural. Forget organic first.

Reviewed Beauty Routine

I added a snail mucin essence plus vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum, to my new beauty regimen and re-enforced my favorite multivitamins intake, observed more hydration and sufficient beauty rest.

I was already pampering my skin naturally with African black soaps and Shea butter for close to three years. I needed to add a glow my new healthy skin, naturally of course. Entering my cosmetologist mode, I started researching on natural ingredients, luckily and fortunately, there ’s a current craze in the skin care market for organic and natural cosmetic products, (making heaven and earth promises *winks). So we'll just have to see how this turns out. Hopeful of course with the results I've been getting from the little trials I've started so far, and even more excited I'll be to share them with you faves really soon. So stay connected, hit the subscribe button and share with your loved ones.

Favorite Physician is back and better.

"The secret to securing a beautiful skin lies in patience, consistency, and seeking an expert opinion."

Share your thoughts on my journey so far in securing a beautiful skin. Want to share what you have you encountered on your own beauty journey? Just leave your comments in the box below or send me an email for privacy.

Love, F.P.

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