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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

Men and women go to lengths to look good but are lengths that are extreme just too far? Let’s talk about over-zealous fitness, be it when the importance of cardiovascular exercises to the longevity of health is discovered, aerobics to the firming of body shape, weight lifting for the muscle building fanatics, generally having a great body is a desire and as such in most cases with some drive can get out of hand, out of hand or too severe.




Effects of Overzealous Fitness




Fitness when it starts its all good until there’s an increased desire to compete more than ever before to achieve fitness goals not feasible.

When even a skinny person either irrationally starves or begins to skip meals, it’s related to the psychology of the Individual involved.


The main cause of overzealous fitness depends on the motive behind the zeal to keep fit in the first place.

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My personal flat tummy favorite, or squats for the gluteus muscles, lose weight generally, keep fit as a lifestyle, or regular peer pressure.

Besides this type it could also be based on;


The individual is actually overweight in most cases obese, find out how to know here.


Due to numerous reasons the mental evaluation of the individual is affected and leads to anorexia, bulimia, binging, body shaming and so on

Effects of Overzealous Fitness

  • Skipping meals uses more energy than thought as has already been discussed here

  • A low immune system

  • Disproportional body build, like the cartoon 'Johnny Bravo'.

  • Wrong focus like for the tummy, develop the whole body first.

  • Binging

  • Bulimia

  • Starvation

  • Anorexia

  • Processed salt and sugar foods.

Working out and being fit is good for the general function of the body until it posses some risks.

When you get hurt and work out on the hurt part of the body you expose that part to further intensity of pain and lessen the likelihood of healing the hurt part, regardless of the amounts of analgesics (pain killers) taken, steroids, proteins and other fresh ideas you try.


Over-zealous fitness is a sensitive subject and is either avoided or not taken well as such must be treated with passion or the reach is aborted.

The best method would be to let the wound heal before you start training them again.

Overtraining a particular muscle causes flabbiness, allow the muscles to rest and alternate the training process, dissolve anaerobic respiration.


The goal is to be a fit, active good looking agile young person.

Learn to Listen to your body, not everyday training.

One day massage or therapy that works.



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