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New Skin Resolutions

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

As the new year begins so does the routine new year resolutions also. What is a resolution and why do we have to wait till the mark of a new year to make one? My answer will be purely the understatement of what resolutions really are, so I better not define the resolution here.

To me marketing healthy habits works non stop, all year round giving rooms for growth and inspired improvement, all motivation set in place.

When you take a look at your self in the mirror. What do you see? Do you fancy what you see reflecting through the mirror at dawn or admire the smile your face makes before you retire to bed at dusk. It’s a really important drive to be on the top of my game daily, yes not just weekly or biweekly or monthly, beauty doesn’t rest.

So I thought, what have I done for my skin today (having a lovely warm bath and moisturizing with a natural organic body butter polish is not too little), what have I done for my hair this week or what did I do to my nails yesterday.

Noting the facts of the usual professional touches when necessary but how much has your personal touch been ignored, lightly or not.

So many stories I have written on how to stay on top of beauty but today is more about ensuring implementation and not just typing all the usual and innovative skin, beauty goals. Today make up your mind that not just as a resolution of the new year will you compliment new goals but instead to redefine the former by encouraging good habits or switching unhealthy for healthy habits. Examples are;

Drinking a glass of water to stay hydrated and not because I am thirsty is one. Taking my multivitamins supplement to nourish my body and not just because it’s the time of the month and I want to be replenished.

Eating 3hours before bed and not just making up for a skipped meal regardless of the time. Having little daily conscious fitness routines of taking a walk for my hearts sake, climbing the stairs, exercise or aerobics instead of just using the lifts/elevators.

Taking dancing as a sport to make me happy as oppose to making twerk videos. Bottom line see it’s 2018 and things that didn’t work in the past years shouldn’t be expected to work now, I’ve had goals and even as I know perfection is in the head of a success, I hold responsibilities of ensuring those goals are achievable, and I believe they are.

What new habits have you developed over the years past and what new ones are you willing to implement in the coming months reaching beyond the start of a new year again, this way you’ll want to keep these new habits and maintain them by adding new ones which accompany them just fine.

Compliments of the season still. Happy New Year faves, be sure to share this information with someone you love dearly, in so doing you are sowing a seed of beauty in the world.

Love, F.P

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