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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

Today marks a new chapter, a new page, a new story, a distinct me. I give utmost gratitude to God for this past year and what He has been doing in my life. My family has been so supportive, always praying for me and showing me love, the new friends I met and the dear friends that have stayed in touch, totally ignoring my lapse in communicating skills which I have totally improved on by the way.

I recently completed my mandatorily one-year medical internship program at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria. After waiting at home for almost six months and worked free at my state's teaching hospital for another six months.

I would not complain about the challenges youths face in the country over employment issues, because beyond the general well being of the nation I have been favored back to back.

My experience in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria was a different one. In so many words, the change of lifestyle, environment, traditions, religious activities, social life, please name them.

Vibing my scrubs outfit differently

The teaching experience was an awesome for me, even though they had a way of always reminding me I wasn't trained in their college and I had to work extra harder than their own students to keep up to pace. The other health workers were kind, I made acquaintances, a little more than I should have, but knowing my quiet personality it was just quite inevitable (ironically so). There was not much to do socially, I worked long hours so most times I forgot about a social life entirely, expect about two weekends I was able to run home.

I tried to involve myself in the medical activities organized by the Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN) and the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD), giving back to the society through outreaches and other several educative activities. Zaria is a little conservative town, they are quite kind of laid back when it comes to makeup and the too western dress sense, I had several experiences I would not be sharing now.

I got a good exposure to my grassroots, things ordinarily city life wouldn't confer me.

"I'm a Jesus baby."

More so, assumed I was going to probably have a tough time finding somewhere to worship with other believers, so I went to the nearest Living Faith church available, but eventually settled for the hospitals chapel, which was more within reach, especially when I was on call and got a mini-break to go worship, the distance was good for me I'd say.

I got several invites and had heard a lot about a certain man of God called Apostle Joshua Selman until I eventually decided to go check it out for myself.

My ENI media family at the 2018 workers appreciation dinner. Can you spot me?

It was love at first worship, I have since fellowshipped at Eternity Network International a.k.a Koinonia (intimacy and partnership). I joined the media department and wow! They are one big awesome family. My media side was challenged for good and met with exceptional bloggers, graphic designers, and photographers amongst other great minds. I love you all ENI media family. Some colleagues I had grown to cherish organized a little getaway to a nearby city for an end of house job celebration. I wasn't able to join due to a tight work schedule, so I wished (Yes! I wished) that I'd have a more elaborate well-deserved vacation and was thinking a spa within the country or something super intense, pamper wise that would just make-up for the long days of anti-socialness I spent in the little city of Zaria.

Few days before the election, my dad suggested: "why don't you travel now before the elections and return just in time to go for your National Youth Service (NYSC)". Hmm! Felt like a great idea until I checked the price tickets, a date so close for that matter.

Actually planned on traveling a little after I was done with my NYSC, but it did seem like a great idea and I got help from my parent, set the date, had a little photo shoot with my amazing multi-talented friend - Jidvocals. Yes, he's responsible for my gorgeous pictures on display.

Photoshoot with @jid_vocals

I am currently in Texas at the United States and here I am happy, thinking to myself, this is way beyond the super vacation I wished for and can only be grateful. For the first time also I am enjoying 30 hours of my birthday.

So far, I have caught up with some friends, made new ones, plan on meeting others and had some time to consider my plans for the near future, not to forget trying out new foods and junk of course, while enjoying the ones I have missed so much.

This is a real breather for me, the change of environment, the serene atmosphere, the response of nature, internet WiFi (rolls eyes), exposure to varieties.

Just imagine what a funny old classmate of mine said: "Welcome to civilization."

My brother has been a great host, spoiling me silly with everything I crave and Ohh! how I have missed him, after this number of years, it's great to be around family to support you, pray with you and remind you that you have people in this world that do love, cherish and care about you. In the last year, passion for my family has developed beautifully. That's so much for what I have been up to, I should be making a post on my travel experience soon. For an exclusive on how I celebrate adding a purpose-filled new year and more of my vacation, follow the updates on my personal social media pages @kazahchan. Be sure to subscribe by email, to be alerted when I make the post. I love you fave and I'm looking forward to sharing more amazing adventures with you. You did enjoy today's post, how about you share it with your friends or on social media. You can leave your comments below of similar experiences you have enjoyed or make contributions.

Love, F.P.

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