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How To Lock Moisture In The Skin

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

The body losses water in various ways and daily shower is not one you want to add to the list. Contrary to most beliefs or just myths, the body depending on the type of bathe can loss water in the presence of sufficient water, which explains the dryness of the skin right after a bath. Like with Hot baths, The Weather, Climate and Season changes are very important factors seen, but there is always a way to beat all theses factors in their own game, all by playing along only smarter.

How To Lock Moisture In The Skin.

Lock as the word portrays, is a mechanism for keeping in this case, moisture in the skin from getting out.

Lock moisture in the skin following this steps

  • Dress appropriately, cotton for heat, wool for cold.

  • Immediately after shower when the skin is still quite damp, apply a good moisturizer within five minutes. The moisturizer should contain ceramides, especially if you have an extra dry skin. (Follow skin-type care here)

Why You Should Lock Moisture In The Skin.

As you know moisture is usually delivered amongst other nutrients to the skin through the blood vessels and because of the mechanism in which the blood vessels supply moisture it gets only to the middle layer of the skin dermis, afterward transfers on its way up through the epidermis before it evaporates into the atmosphere. Due to this evaporation the skin becomes dry and begins to crack and fragment, depending on the weather condition. A good moisturizer works in two ways, either it traps moisture delivered to your skin and keeps it from escaping or it replaces moisture in the epidermis which has already escaped.


At night before you go to bed apply an oil or ceramide base cream, cream for moisturizing the hands and the feet, reducing cracks and hardness, then apply a glove and sock for a serious effect, which is noticeable softer in the morning.

Leave your questions and comments below, make sure to share, someone else might just need this.


Favorite Physician.

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