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Honey you are sweeter than sugar.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

Don’t you just love it, when the weather slowly transcends into its next phase.

Welcome Spring, Partly because it is my birth season and the fact that water is definitely a relaxant, so welcome blue cool rainy nights, that makes it hard to get out of bed and sniff the weird sweet rain air. Super excited!

Just some moment ago, I was cleaning my face and wondering if I should go through my archives, searching for what to share with you fave and voliaaa!!! like an inventor I felt like I got the last formula I was seeking. HONEY….

Sweet Sweeter Sweetest Honey.

I can give you all the benefits and uses but instead I will help you spot the real thing out today.

Just to boldly state, honey is one of my beauty secrets because of its many effects, internally and externally works good for me, but when you use honey as a beauty treat, like me you would definitely notice that just because it has the smooth consistency or look, does not mean it is the same and if it is not the same (unadulterated) it would not have the same effect.

Honey is an age old beauty secret used in aged beauty regimens, one of the many and for this reason is still used to date.

How To Use

Apply a sufficient amount of pure/unadulterated honey to the skin, leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off then apply a good moisturizer after and feel the velvety smooth and soft effect on your skin immediately.

For a long term use- pour some in your shower gel, liquid soaps and shower daily with it.

I know how terrible, the idea of spending a whole lot of money on honey feels and not getting the effects being advertised woahhh!, not to speak about the time and energy wasted using a mixed/impure honey product, with no effects achieved.


When you want to buy pure/unadulterated honey, the main key is to get it from your local farmer or a source from the local honey place, the more local the better.

If you will go ahead and purchase honey from a commercial kiosk or store be certain of the company packaging and ask questions if you need to.

Note, marketers will tell you anything you need to hear to market what they sell to you, ask your friends in remote areas or your granny if they stay somewhere remote to send it to you, no fears of using mixed/impure honey.

Take note also of the gummy honey original smell, avoid the sucrose like candy ones.

Some still contain beeswax and others the bee itself.

When you mix original honey with your tea and other drinks, it gets sweeter when left for awhile and definitely is sweeter than sugar. If you have any other ideas of how to purchase pure/unadulterated honey right please share it in the comment box below, you never know which other beauty fave you might be helping

Love, Favorite Physician.

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