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Flu Season Again, Natural Cold and Flu Remedies.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

What comes to your mind, when you think of Spring?

Is it Spring - a dream of a love affair in which you play with a loved one underneath the showers of rain. {This is a beautiful story but the hidden off-sides to this story are not shown}.

or Spring - a rainy season and picture floods, showers of rain, blues (both emotions and music), all out of their hideouts. Unfortunately more than ever through the seasons, Cold/Flu plays out more in Spring again. Find out what you need to know to manage this lovely season of Spring appropriately.




Natural Management of Colds and Flu;

Favorite Physician’s Advice;

For an active person, nobody likes to be knocked down by a cold/flu least when you expect it.


Cold is different from a Flu. Flu which is short for Influenza and is caused by numerous virus, causing other serious diseases and complications. While, a Cold is a milder respiration illness that makes you feel ill for more than 3 days, but less than a week.


Transmission is caused by contact with a person who is infected with the virus during the first three days through the air by touch of the hand and into the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth).

Stress most likely makes you prone to a Cold and Flu infection.


Are similar between Colds and Flus like Coughing, Sneezing, Sore throat, Running nose, Nasal Congestion, Fever (high temperature), Headache, Pains and depending on the infection could be more severe.

Natural Management of Colds and Flu;

  • The first choice of management to most people is the use of menthol ointments, applied directly to the nose, which is mostly wrong because when used in the nose, what this does is basically just increase the production of mucus (running nose), granted it gives an idea of instant relief but then again within seconds the nose is blocked. But rather apply the menthol ointment to the chest, neck, back, feet and forehead and in place of using menthol ointment try the use of tea-tree oil which is a great multipurpose treatment and relieving factor with antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Just a sniff is all it takes to send back the stream of mucus and clear any blockage in the nose. This is so great in the sense that it can be used before (when you sense you are coming down with a flu before you actually see it) and during the episodes of flu.

  • A great steam over a bowl of warm water with a towel or duvet/blanket over your head gives some relief,

  • Bath with warm water makes you feel brand new also similar to steaming ,

  • You want to wear warm clothing to stay warm regardless of your temperature, socks, head warmers e.t.c

The Ultimate Flu Treatment is sleep and drink lots of water, other warm fluids like hot health tea, eat regularly also.

Favorite Physician’s Advice;

It is good to fantasize of a great blue Spring season, but remember to always;

Wash your hands often and avoid contact with anyone who has a cold/flu,

Make sure you visit your physician to tell the difference between a cold/flu,

Make sure you see your physician for a fever lasting more than 3 days, a cough of more than 2 weeks, difficulties in breathing and likes to avoid complications.

Lastly, rest it helps your immune system fight the virus.

Love, F.P.


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