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Are You Stressed and Your Skin breaks out?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

It is Gist time!

Note, this was the tenth time she got in by 10 pm again this month only, going to bed not earlier than 11pm and sprinting out of bed way earlier to beat all the traffic in Lagos and get to the office before her boss did.

Bisi was excited about starting this new position at work but just wasn't prepared mentally for all she would have had to put in to make it all work.

As she stepped into my beauty studio after several months, complaining and ranting about how stressed she was and only got a leave just because she really did get knocked out, her immune system was a mess by now, she looked so scruffy, bags underneath her eyes and giant pimples varying in size swimming all over her skin. I looked at her in total amazement, at how this beauty let herself get to this state. It really is one thing to satisfy your pocket, but it is even more so important to satisfy your mind, which is through your health. Health is wealth I hear you say, so true because without health you cannot have the wealth, as the health will force you to take a step back and rethink. Hopefully not too late in pains and having to spend all the wealth you were able to acquire in the first.

Then I responded and said ‘Why didn't you call me?’. She laughed in derision and said ‘ore mi (meaning my friend in yoruba) there was no time jare, only to get food break ma, was an issue to think of calling you, we had to seal the deal as a team and I wasn't going to fail in the new position i just got’ She said and laughing even more, One thing I really liked about Bisi was her sense of humor, not in this case though. Then I said ‘Fine, now that you have been able to make out time, only because your head couldn't deal again eka bo oo (welcome)’. We both laughed this time together, only because I knew even this laugher was soothing and healing to her stressed soul.

Sad, was what I felt deep down for her hustle, as this was my only way of helping her get through it. ‘Soul docie' as she and most of my friends call me too often. ‘So what is the remedy this time?’ half smiling she asked me, eyes wide opened expectantly.

Enjoy this gist aii, but like Bisi and many other working class peoples, this story is real in time.

How can we help Bisi, only with more information than she already has and her using the knowledge when next faced with such a situation, handling like her professional favorite soul docie would.

Find out what Favorite Physician (soul docie) prescribed for her next time and do not make such a mistake again.

Love, F.P

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