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ADEMAX Herbal Black Soap Review

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

ADEMAX Herbal Black Soap Review

Dear fave,

Everything natural is our way and today I’m sharing a review actually our very first, tested and tried review of a natural product. Ademax is the new face of black soap trending in the market right now, for some faves trying out new products is like experiment to them which truly if they’re not all about taking risks then it requires a probe for them, while others enjoy sampling new products to get the one that works right at that moment for them, surely if you stick to an already known product it’s safe but not so much, sometimes the new ones have a sense of same old values with new or slight upgrade to the old formulation. If you haven’t tried it, no worries be sure to as soon as you get a review of if it’s right for you here on F.P. Ademax is a herbal black soap proudly handmade in Nigeria from pure natural ingredients and herbs, it contains protein, vitamins and is a natural moisturizer needed for the skin. The company says that a regular use of Ademax herbal soap will make your skin smooth, soft and healthier, no bleaching or over drying the skin. Although I have not used it for up to a year. Ademax can be used as treatment for fighting and preventing Eczema, Pimples, Acne, Aftershave rashes and Bumps. Ingredients Definitely a naturally derived product with components such as; Pure honey Aloe Vera Osun (camwood) Palm Kernel oil Coco pod ash Shea Butter Pawpaw leaf extract Water Fragrance No Artificial colours No Preservatives Bio Degradable. Look What’s the look like? It comes in a pretty light green pack with a picture of multiple fruits about 150g in size, that’s a handful. Inside contains a dark brown/black colored bar soap, tradename not smoothly sculptured but that’s understandable since it’s handmade. Smell What does Ademax really smell like? An Initial traditional black soap aroma that eventually transcends to a fruity fresh scent, with a lasting impression after a bathe that keeps you feeling comfortable refreshed. Feel This is important as the question of if gel or soap works better is based on individuals. Ademax has a super smooth lather with water, dries quickly, wash is clean but apply a good moisturizer immediately after to lock moisture in. Touch For those curious of soap bars upgrading into jelly, usually is hard when dry, but melts quickly in water so beware to avoid leaving it in water, store on a dry surface after each use. Other Views In comparison to other popular black soaps, ademax is very cost effective i.e affordable and available in various locations nationwide. I advice you take advantage of the new to market promo ongoing, find out if you like it and experience a pleasant shower experience. A pack of 6 bars costs about N1500 only. Each bar lasts up to two weeks or varies according to how you use it. It doesn’t itch the body as other black soaps do, thereby suitable for sensitive skin types also. For distribution and wholesale orders contact Mr Yakusa on 07065440399 Feel free to leave your remarks and opinions if you have tried Ademax herbal black soap or plan on trying it out. Contact us for a honest review of your natural product or marketing at

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