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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

Today we are looking at something as simple as beauty, often over-looked yet with a lot of controversies.

What Is Beauty? How Is Beauty Derived? Is It True That Beauty Cannot Be Achieved With Efforts? Final Beauty Thoughts? Beauty Advice

What Is Beauty? I bet there are so many ideologies to beauty as a topic and to be honest it is one that we can never stop learning from in so many senses. What makes you feel beautiful Hands up if you're guilty of often using the phrase 'I need my beauty sleep'

[Find attached links to other beauty related topics] So many of us cultivate habits in our everyday lives that determine our true beauty. Happiness to me is beauty, if you are at a place of rest in your mind and can share this also with others around you regardless of the situation or circumstances thats a beautiful fact, beyond the facial structures of the bones or the shape of the body, beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and embracing the flaws together with the fleek and having a self confidence. Difficult it might be initially and when those hormones kick in at certain periods of the month or year regardless of gender as is often assumed. What lies within and you allow out is perceived by others around you and interpreted into your personality which is part of beauty. True beauty lies within if you do not cover it. How Is Beauty Derived? Beauty is what you assume it to be, for instance as a medical doctor beauty to me is more of being, staying and living healthy, risk-free, disease-free, eating well, exercise regularly and so on. Might not be able to say same for my fellow colleagues. As an aesthetician/ beauty cosmetologist beauty to me involves an all round clean, even, supple and soft glowing skin that is spectacular with or without make up, whatever makes you free royal or special. Then again I do not expect yours to be same with mine either, what makes it similar is that it makes us all happy. Right! Is It True That Beauty Cannot Be Achieved With Efforts? Lies, Sugar coated or not. Absolutely I believe beauty can be achieved with efforts depending on what beauty you think is to you. With beauty More is less and less can be more or vice versa, no rules really. Avoid the rules, escape the trends and be comfortable with who you build and work on constantly. I see the difference a little color here or there makes for others or what a little aroma and rest does for me. Final Beauty Thoughts? The first line management for most diseases, your physician will tell you is; Lifestyle Modification. What is lifestyle modification beyond the self explanatory phrase, its just adjusting harmful habits you have built over time for the benefit of your health and replacing them for healthier ones. For example; Losing weight, Having a better diet, Quit smoking, Avoid alcoholic beverages, Be light on caffeine These and many habits can be switched to healthy ones your future self will be thankful for. Beauty Advice

Remember when you do not feel like being all glammed up, the necessary accessory is easy > Put on a SMILE.

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