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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Dear Fave,

Last time we discussed a few points on how to manage a good appetite for the daily body’s requirement and this week we will add a few pointers left out to it. It is not always necessary to wait to see the effects of not having a good appetite before properly correcting a bad appetite, hypoglycemia, fainting spells, and the likes are not great sights, worse off they can be so embarrassing if it happens to one or a person one knows. Well in light of that let’s move on to further dissect this issue of creating a good appetite, I gather that the most important fact is knowing the importance of food as the body’s fuel generating energy, without which there will be dysfunction in the function of the body.

A packed lunch of your favorite meal as stated last time works just fine, alternatively a recurrent order from your favorite restaurant or just a prepackaged accessory of what you want to add to the boring same menu from the cafeteria works great, maybe you like a salad every day with avocados today with eggs tomorrow, keep it spicy or having a special sauce that can be splattered upon the not so spicy meal in the cafeteria, the point is to look for a fancy and make it work.It’s always advocated to add vitamins and minerals to the daily regimen of health but most times, forgotten to state when to avoid them.

About a while back a research made stated that vitamin C, in particular, should not be taken together with antimalarial therapy as it decreases the effectiveness of the drug and the outcome, however the same applies to other medications make sure your physician is aware of all the drugs currently being taken so proper advice can be administered on the interaction of each drug. This would explain a certain way the body feels.

Further down fluid is a great way to detoxify the body depending on what goes in. In the likes of clean water, tea, juice, beverages but not so much of sodas or fizzy drinks, is more than just fine.

Salads In addition to all we’ve discussed let’s add a wise snack - salads. The wisdom of adding salads whether fruits or vegetables is remembering to eat in bits, yes little munches now and then reduces the stress of the whole body and meets up with requirements too. Starve junks by this method also.

Exercise Exercise is just one out of the many means the body naturally secretes a hormone called Endorphin. Endorphins released by exercise helps relax the body through analgesic effects and keeps one happy as opposed to its antonym in medicine the cortisol otherwise known as the stress hormone. Cortisol hormones when released is kept streaming for several days causing stress, what better way to flush it out of the system than with a routine fitness work out.

Rest More importantly, always remember this ultimate rule as it beats all and it changes one's view on self and almost anything. A new network happens after each rest, decisions are on point and the mind is alert. Please try out this and share how favorite physician has helped you improve your appetite, leave your contributions and comments in the comment box below or send us an email. Enjoy a renewed and better appetite your body deserves today.

Love, F.P.

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