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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

I can personally relate to having a lazy appetite but being a lazy youth not so much. Having a lazy appetite makes more sense when you factor the causes, which could be due to stress. When that occurs different cravings creep in here and there and that’s going to be the base of some appetite boosting

Eating right has a lot to do with timing, the content of the food and our mood generally, however in most cases even the season or weather condition at the moment contribute. As much as we can all relate to this, let’s streamline to the basics;

Pack lunch

Remember when as little kids we got our lunch packed for school right? Well, this was just so great because like the food or not (risk of repetition e.g rice) close to the lunch break period you begin to salivate for what you know is steaming nicely in your lovely lunch box and in my case like many other kids we had snacks (dessert) accompanying our pre-packed meals. This is just a variable, of course, some schools do give lunch in the cafeteria most with time tables depending on the level of education.

My point is if it’s done for kids and it works just fine believe me it would work even much more perfect for an adult.


The body has daily requirements of each vitamin and minerals that exist which is why we have a number of articles on here about the beautiful benefits of these babies. Because all the nutrients we need cannot be gotten from the food we eat alone that’s the major reason why having to take regular or depending on your dietary needs occasional multivitamin supplement is important.

Water at night

This is a substitute that helps build your daily water intake requirements, water has a lot of functions and digestion is just a number, if the digestive system is fully functioning and active then it would pleasantly give a joyride, but when it needs to refuel which in this case is with the help of water and be serviced by eliminating excess toxins.

The trick to drinking water at night is to help with the metabolism of the body system which is at its peak at the late hours of the night early am. To be continued next week



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