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5 Healthier Younger Looking SkinCare Tips

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Do you fear, what might seem to be you 2 years from now?

Easy, exactly what routine you seem to have created so far. How about 10 years or more?, thats easy too.

What changes have you made to your skincare routine, what have you added in the last - next moments?. The saying “what you do now, will your future self be proud of you?” was initiated for the skin (no jokes), so no matter the wealth you amass and keep, it would not transcend to a happy you, if you ignored your skin right when you needed to care for it the most, then your future self, well has an answer to that.

Dear fave,

In 5 simple steps gain a healthier younger looking skin your future self will definitely thank you for. First you have to understand that this are habits to develop and should not be taken lightly, as the matter at hand gives effective results depending on your creativity. No more Ignorance as an excuse, yo!

5 Healthy younger skin care -Tips

1. Lock In Moisture Right After Shower

The body losses water in various ways and daily shower is not one you want to add to the list, Contrary to most beliefs as are just myths. The body depending on the type of bathe can loss water in the presence of sufficient water, like hot baths. So you want to avoid routes of unnecessary water loss from the skin by also drinking lots of water. (Find out how/more by following this steps)

2. Administer A Good Supplement/Multi-vitamin.

Do you think that the food you eat contains all the supplements you need in the body, well think again, especially when it relates to the skin, the other organs zaps up most of the nutrients and as the skin is the largest organ it doesn't get a sufficient amount of nutrients it needs, especially trace nutrients that cannot be found in foods we eat and it shows in the skin integrity, like in wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

You can swallow or you can apply it locally on the skin. Get a good prescription from a physician that focuses on your major areas of skin concern. (Find out more on multivitamins)

3. Wear Cotton And Well Fitted Breathable Clothes

The beautiful thing about the body is its selfless act of sharing experiences with the other parts, the skin like the private parts definitely has a lesson or more to teach us about how to treat the entire body right. When you wear cotton underwear your skin needs to breathe so it does so well, when you wear wool you perspire more, know the type of clothing materials you purchase and find out if its suitable for your skin type, avoid aggravating skin irritations, obey your body now. (Read more here)

4. Rest Well.

With a relaxed happy smile I assure you, this is the ultimate rule breaker that any hardworking person understands. Beauty is boosted by regeneration which occurs ultimately while you sleep.

Have you read the popular kids story about the beautiful princess that was put under a sleeping curse, well as much as beauty is a blessing it can be what you make it out to be also. Rest and let your future self, thank you! for learning to take that 15minutes mint tea break, to calm yourself down when work was getting crazy, or studies was not been assimilated any more. Treat your body how you want it to make you feel.

Learn to spoil and pamper your self often, you should be your number one lover.

5. Smile Always, A Good Heart Is A Healthy Mind.

Love F.P

Know a fave in need of this info! be kind to refer them here for care.Leave your questions and comments below.

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