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Why Can’t I Sleep At Night

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Sleep disorders/Insomnia

Do you lose your sleep inappropriately and wake up grouchy, sleepy, sad, emotional, and even sometimes depressed.

Science will sure have a lot of reasons why, but no sleep expert am I.

Sleep is powerful in revitalizing the minds of individuals through metabolic functions improvement.

Why can’t I sleep at night

Habits, play a crucial role to Sleep disorders and Insomnia

  1. Your position in bed is very crucial, are you sleeping the way you read, watch movie or do other activities in bed? If yes stop, change or alternate your positions in bed.

  2. The type of foam in the mattress or pillow matters, the hold of the bed itself is important is it a wooden or spring bed, all these goes a long way in identifying the root cause of your sleep disorder or insomnia.

  3. Caffeine in foods you eat, I like a cup of tea before bed, but is this wise? Depending on the concentration and your body's mental state, cut caffeine out of your diet for these period.

  4. Create healthy sleep habits, habits are very crucial. I place a bottle of drinking water by my bedside at night, and when I wake up to pee/urinate I replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost by replacing them with water.

  5. Sleep is rest, put away all your worries once you lay on that bed, play a soft music, say a prayer, whatever puts your mind to rest do it.

Physician Advice;

Aromatherapy of the rich kind will definitely make an instant difference i.e of course after following all the above mentioned.

Love, F.P.

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