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Spice Vagina

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

as you know today marks an important celebration for women internationally and as your favorite physician, I will be tipping you and all women internationally on how to Spice Vagina basically up.

N.B Adults only.

1st the Clean method - how you clean the lady part matters in fave hygiene book, however understand its from the front to the back, as explained in surgical cleaning technique which states wipe from clean to dirty. So not anus to vagina, but from the vagina to the anus. Kapishh...

Ohh Wash/douching- Yes we all love those pamper moments – roses, candlelights, incense burning all for relaxation, how can I forget the glass of in my case white wine or a champagne. Milk or not do not remove the flora the vagina contains without your physicians' prescribing you to, avoid yeast/fungi infection which comes also by these method of a scented bath by also applying an anti-fungal cream right after a dip in the bath tub, oh beautiful moments should not have a bad effect should they!

No perfumes or soaps necessary to have it smelling nice, so vagina wash products claiming to have the perfect ph, erhh I just use such on my undies instead hahaa, then wash with water only - the best vagina wash. (Of course expect prescribed by your Physician again).

What you can do instead is to eat the perfume- by sweet fruits as they sweeten you (will explain this in another article), so eat pineapples right, pomegranates, berries and the likes, er-mm ice cream don't/sure off, hmmm.

If a finger should be inserted (not involving the use of a sterile glove) in any form it must first be washed properly check the nails too just because your fingers can contain up to 100 times more germs than a public toilet yeaa, to check the insertion of your IUD, to apply tampon without an applicator or in sexual games whatsoever. This way watch how well you decrease any risk of an infection.

Air the pretty parts please- your vagina might be private but does have a mind of its own, wear cotton under wears, you know this.

Wash with water after using the toilet, better than using toilet rolls, preferably to wet wipes, apply baby powder after you cream and watch how it leaves the skin there dry, smelling nice and fresh like that of a baby.

Avoid panty liners, if you are not spotting or wearing a white, it creates more moisture and acts as breeding ground for micro-floras in the vagina. Take a good break from tampons if you have a recurrent fungi infection or put a check to your antibiotics use.

Once the day is over make sure to allow a breathing opportunity by airing the vagina, which means wear no panties.

Last and most importantly, please do regularly visit your obstetrician for a yearly pap smear or other checks to detect risk factors for cancers and promote your health.


Do share this article with all the mothers, sisters, girlfriends and lovers, all women you know need this message.

Love, Favorite Physician.

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