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RELAX ___ 210

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear fave,

So far my week has been long, I hope yours has been pretty awesome, after the easter break celebration, which is why in the midst of controlling stress, I want to share with you how you can control the hormone called stress too, you can share your ultimate zen with me too (smiles). Cortisol is a human body steroid, also called the stress hormone (which in sufficient quantity works beautiful wonders)

but when the production is altered, it walks along with friends like Hypertension, Obesity, muscle wasting, stretch-like marks, unlikely fatty areas, round face, big tummy, problems with digestion, thinning of bones, heart problems, amenorrhea, hormonal imbalance, Ulcers, the list goes on

Why do you hear about stress a-lot? Because of all the negative effects it runs in your body. Cortisol increases the blood sugar level through a process called gluconeogenesis, in excess it causes secondary diabetes. (this explains the cravings for junk when full blown stress kicks in) It acts as an anti-inflammatory, which in excess poses risk of bacterial infections, by immune suppression. Cortisol aids metabolism of fat, carbohydrate and proteins in excess causes muscle wasting, obesity, so on. Decreases bone formation in excess osteoporosis.

My message to you is short and quick, control your stress level

Too little is bad and too much is not good. I am sure, by now you are wondering how do you control stress? It is by the little conscious decisions and not so conscious ones we make in our everyday lives. Do not Worry my fave, your Favorite Physician is here to the rescue. RELAX__210 (like a course-work nahh) 1st - Really, do not worry. -Get rid of Stress HARD-WORK is not OVER-WORK. Proverbs 23;4-5 -Eating habits put a check to it. Alcohol, smoking and stress are terrible together, not friends. -Do not skip your multivitamins on busy days, they assist the immune system. -Create serene atmospheres for yourself, even if it is in a rowdy work environment, you can do it. -Music, the right kind is more than a therapy in the case of stress. -Games and fitness exercise, keeps you alert and strengthens the immune system, the heart, the lymphatic drainage and blood flow. -NAP -To remain stress free, is to rid yourself, create a time-table, in it fix a free time for yourself (watching movies, music, chilling with friends and the mall does not count) Use this time to reflect on appraisals, improvements, future ideas/visions, goals short and long. -Oceans, water, fountain, beach, dips, anything water ish relaxes the muscles and nerves. Sends signals to the brain. -My yin - what is your yang? -Shopping - not so right now (even as much as it has a joy it brings, it poses as stress too) -Spa - do I hear you say Yea!! mani - pedi, massage -YOGA {ultimate relieve), you say?. With the total physical and hormonal balance effects it gives you inside-out. In conclusion, find whatever you can call your zen and make it work for you, remember after you've used your health to make the wealth, you will use the wealth to try to fix the health, only this time 100% is not guaranteed. Your Health is Important, Be a wise man-fave.

Love, Your favorite Physician.

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