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Real-Life Lessons To Get Silky Smooth Soft Skin On The Legs

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

Having a silky, smooth, soft, skin on the leg is of wonderful taste, especially when shown. But if not done properly can cause more damage than good to the skin. When properly done though can be great on the skin of color. A secret I found many years ago has tremendously shaped my waxing experience

Subsequently, it's going to require time to tell which hair removal method works well with each part of your skin. The way my skin will react to a certain hair removal method certainly differs from yours for so many reasons, but there are some similarities which we'll base our discussion on. My first experience of having a waxing hair removal was around the age 14-16 and must have been my underarms. I had started getting my brows tweezed and threaded earlier so in the area of pain, I had gained some threshold.

The idea of not having to bother about hair for the next few weeks surely must have been a form of motivation because I just went with it and not even a few minutes of pain could stop me. The waxing hair removal method became a regular for my underarms, legs, and occasional bikini. Using the waxing form of hair removal, had its pecks. Initially I was given only the option of hot wax (wax warmed up and applied directly to the area to be removed then a piece of napkin or paper is used to remove the wax, this is done repeatedly until the area is devoid of hair.) which did its work of keeping my skin silky smooth and soft for several weeks. The regrowth was definitely thin and finer, which increased the time length between each visit and made the process easier. This regular waxing method of hair removal works by removing the hair forcibly from its roots and depending on the area grows back in 3days to 7weeks, but how the skin is handled after that contributes to the general outcome of its many reactions. My skin reacted by hyperpigmentation, strawberry legs, bumps, rash or burns after getting a wax done. The different types of waxing method used, contribute greatly to various means by which the skin reacts. I knew waxing for me was generally better than shaving in all aspects, besides having a skin prone to hair ingrowth.

Cold Sugar Wax Gist

I once went to a spa to get my facials done, while drinking my green tea and waiting, I was approached by one of the spa's cosmeticians, who was so excited to market the sugar wax to me. I looked at her skeptically, when she said it causes less pain. Curious, I allowed her to test a small part of my forearm.

She applied the cold light yellow wax easily on my hand, gliding on and off repeatedly.

Messy, I thought to myself (but which wax isn't?), the hand has more pain threshold. Just to let her off my back I promised to give it a thought and fortunately, there was a discount going on then to get the sugar wax done.

I went home and didn't need to think about it much because time revealed the results for me.I called and booked an appointment, let's just say since then, it's been one of my favorite forms of hair removal method.

That is not to say I didn't get to still occasionally get my skin stripped and hair ripped off by the hot wax after that. I have gotten the home sugar wax done by an Arab lady, the industrial sugar wax done in a spa, and a home sugar wax by a traditional beauty therapist.

Actually, on one of those visits, which is the height of them was the advice I got from the later to be precise after complaining bitterly about how my skin reacted by hair ingrowths and strawberry skin. She just smiled and told me to always exfoliate immediately after getting a wax done and regularly thereafter. You will think the skin is really tender after and as such not want to disturb it but at the moment, it made sense to exfoliate immediately after getting a wax job done. I exfoliated before then occasionally. What the wax does besides removing hair from its follicle, is also strip the skin surface of some of its cells, what exfoliation does is further remove the extra layer of dead skin cells on the surface, revealing a radiant glowing skin that should be kept nourished.

Strawberry Legs

Strawberry leg is the rough black tiny multiple dotted appearances that resemble a strawberry skin, hence the strawberry name, though not limited to the legs can occur in other areas of the skin with hair and can be often confused for folliculitis too.

Strawberry skin is very common after getting hair removed not limited to waxing nor shaving.

When the hair follicle is exposed to air after shaving, the opened pores collect bacteria mixed with oil in the open comedones with dead skin, hence the appearance of a strawberry skin. These factors in place, the gold standard will be to get the area exfoliated gently but regularly. This will require patience generally, subsequent wax hair removal appointments can be shifted or spread farther across each other.

Other Things To Do After Getting A Wax Job

Avoid hot baths, have a cold or lukewarm bath instead.

Apply a cold compress to the area that got the wax, to decrease hyperemia and pain.

Apply warm compress if you need to open the pores up.

Depending on the pain severity, you can get an over the counter pain reliever, which will reduce the pain, decrease inflammations that occur on the skin and any increased temperature from the stress of the process.

Moisturize the skin regularly

Avoid overly tight clothes, preferably wear clothes that allow the skin to breathe like cotton.

If the symptoms persist, consider other options for hair removal.

Be sure to seek professional advice in any stage of the process.

What methods of hair removal do you prefer and why?

My waxing hair removal experience has taught me several secrets, like the one I shared today, subscribe by email so you never miss out on any new posts and share today's secret with another fave.



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