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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

If you are a parent this is for you, if you have a ward you protect this is for you, if you are only a health official you’ll empathize with this article and if you have ever seen a child rushed into the emergency unit you will most definitely relate with this post.

Welcome to today’s post about how to avoid being an expensive emergency case and as much as this topic is mostly overlooked, it actually has a lot of serious consequences not only seen in the pediatric unit but in medicine generally, but our sole focus today will be the tiny aged, precious, little, charming ones, children of ages 0 - 16 or 18 depending on the country zone.


The cost included in emergency cases far outweighs the ones of an urgent or scheduled case by unto 50% and more. This cost isn't speaking solely about money, but also time which saved well is money of course, psychological and emotional stress, heartbreaks and so on.

This is a case of word whooping is thats possible, never say never.

See for instance, if your aim is to avoid spending money you think you cannot spare or do not have initially, then you only spend more when its an emergency case and we’ve had a lot of those no two ways about it, however you want to get the money even if you just want the person to give up their life and yes we have seen serious cases of parents even denying the child all because of the severity of the child's illness.

Kids are what they are kids. A child will try in every way possible to tell you points of discomfort but its to your detriment not knowing or observing little things that turn out to be a big deal, if you can handle sickness in your body do no except that little one also to. Fathers this does not only apply to mothers but its a joint responsibility, do not think it is a mothers duty only to know when the child is sick, when you create or have a playtime with the little ones it also becomes your duty to notice a change in activity, sadness, dullness, body temperature change, or simple sluggishness. Ask their school teachers after school-work how the child was or whoever spends more time with the child (a nanny, a maid or house-help), do not leave out the health of your child to chance. Stop thinking that its not your duty to know but someone else’s. Be responsible and take a chance to stand up for the health of your child today.

Admission to the medical ward is necessary if your physician advices so, as this will enable the physician to give more care and proper attention to your child, which during the outpatient time is limited.



Never leave a cough, sneeze, running nose as such untreated, avoid roadside pharmacy prescriptions nor self prescriptions, because this will only suppress the symptoms and not treat the root cause, please visit a proper clinic or contact your primary physician, a cough left untreated points to respiratory diseases and can lead to a distress, which affects the flow of oxygen and could lead to insufficient blood supply and many complications.

If the cough lasts more than two weeks, a case of tuberculosis is suspected. Others are pneumonia, bronchitis and so on.


A cold like the name implies is mostly contacted in the cold season - follow this link for more on cold remedies, keep your child warm always with proper clothing, proper food and ventilation.

Fever(high temperature) -

Fever is a rise in the body temperature and is a sign of the body’s immune system fighting an inflammation, or infections in the body. This is enough sign from the body that it needs help through medications like antibiotics or appropriate prescription you get from your physician after diagnosis of the cause.

Changes In The Skin And Mucous Color-

Jaundice (yellow discoloration), red spots, black spots, and any rash at all must be reported immediately. The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore the skin is very helpful when it relates to showing the symptoms of most illness.

Changes In Eating Habit and Toilet Habits-

If your child begins to eat more or less, you should find out the reason, deworm your child regularly. Observe the waste matter your child produces regularly- check if its a watery stool (diarrhea) or hard feces (constipation), check for worms and changes in color of both urine and stool.

Learn from your primary healthcare provider or physician how to administer an ORS- Oral Rehydration Solutions preparation which is used as a replacement for lost nutrients from watery stools (diarrhea), vomiting. ORS could be prepared at home with a formula of 6 teaspoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and 1 liter of clean drinking water or it could be bought as a retail sachet drug and just mixed instantly with clean water (Note the water must be clean or boiled and cooled).


Bottomline Any Changes you can notice in your child should be observed regularly and if reported early enough, you decrease the risk of developing an emergency complication from a simple case. In a period of 3-5 days anything more becomes a complication and this is where finances explodes, time wasted, dignity shed and you begin to beg in embarrassment and make everyone look stupid. Avoid this ignorance do not wait until you become an emergency case to know when to observe the right protocols.

A lot of kids are lost every minute due to reckless and careless ignorant behaviors of their parents, or guardians. Please share this message on your social media page and save a life today. Leave your questions, comments and contributions below in the comment box.



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