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OBEY YOUR BODY: A GUIDE to eliminate the natural odors of the body

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear fave,

Obey your body, heres a mini guide to eliminating the natural body odor.

If you are an indoor person then you’ll definitely understand the song by Bruno Mars - The Lazy song, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, tadada dada”. Well we’ve all had that one day we think we deserve to be lazy, not do anything and not care what we look like and such smelling everywhere and eating everything, yes we all have one of those days, that all we want to do is lazy in bed, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, catching up on all our favorite series/movies, ohh! and not care for a bit how we look. If you have a lazy day everyday for your body then help is here.

The body allows certain types of bacteria grow in different areas of the body to help it with metabolic processes and is called the normal flora in the skin amongst other areas. N.B This flora (bacteria) shouldn't exceed its limit or be inadequate as both have health repercussions. Body odor usually is caused by the process of the bacteria which breeds on the skin when living in conditions favorable for it, just like sweat, bushy armpits, hairy private parts, eating sugar and licking salt (my new term for junk food).


  • Firstly, create a clean skin environment, by getting rid of unwanted hair in areas of concern. To be concerned about odor is hygiene related, that is why knowing that hair approves an access to moisture, which is a wet favorable condition for bacteria and other related organisms that breed and make you smell unbearable, in the natural process of their own metabolism, which is like releasing gases on your skin or excreting, they live there also, remember. Forget the fashion of hairy areas and keep it nicely trimmed/shaved if you have an odor concern.

  • Bath with a refreshing soap containing menthol/mint. use anti-bacterial or antiseptic soaps as this helps in reducing the natural bacteria which grows on the skin surface, pat your body dry to reduce moisture for it and do scrub regularly, dip in salt baths also. (read more on baths here)

  • Apply a known deodorant with active work, use an anti-perspirant to reduce sweating in hotter season or one which contains both, apply a body fragrant spray, a perfumed lotion and try using oil based perfumes

  • Eat less spices, like garlic, onions, curry. Drinking alcohol and caffeine increases perspiration, also eating a lot of red meat. The process of eliminating these substances mentioned involves the skin, which explains why you smell a certain way according to what you eat, cut down on junks. Remember, you wear what you eat on the outside.

  • Drink lots of water, this fact can never be over-emphasized as water helps flush toxins and other bacteria away. A trick that helps during the day when you feel really hot is to sprinkle water on your self, this process is at the same time similar and different from sweat, in the sense that they both try to cool the body down, but sweat does so pulling in from the body’s moisture store, exhibiting its other function of excreting metabolic waste, but applying the water this way you reverse the process from excreting to only cooling, and also avoid processes that make you break a sweat if you cannot wash off almost immediately. (find out other water benefits here.

Physician's Tip

Use a spritz spray bottle containing water and some lemon juice, during the day to refresh the skin and cool down in place of a bath when out and busy. This works by its natural and antiseptic properties.



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