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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

It's the breaking of a new dawn, I am promised daily mercy, I am promised bread, I am promised favour. I know I have them all. Instead of the enthusiasm of a fulfilled promise, I am grouchy and too tired to break of what I call a spell of sleep. Yes spell of sleep, if not why would I find it so difficult to want to transcend from a world of fantasy(dream) to a world of possibilities(Reality).

Reality-check, have I executed all my previous goals, I probably cannot even remember last nights - I know why, that is what happens when you give so much time to dreams and little to no quality attention to TIME. It is the break of dawn, I am happy, over- excited, cap of blessing up, new ideas rush, flow of inspiration, yum! I love that smell of old new, fresh-vintage.


Love, favorite physician.

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