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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear fave,

Are you quite the lazy champ when it relates to fitness, do you dislike exercise, lifting weights, running on the tread mill or work-outs generally? Good news you are not alone.

Beauty business is Health as always here.

In a recently concluded Health- Awareness Campaign, called #Yourhealthstoriesandsolutionsfromfavoritephysician and many more doctors, run by a great physician I go way back with. You can guess it, Favorite Physician partook of course and I got a really interesting question and promised to expatiate more on the topic with my team of health professionals.

My thoughts however, is why on a majority those looking to lose weight are shying away from the vigorous methods attached. No judgments, our priorities cannot all be the same, I bear some lazy and busy workdays’ schedule myself, which I consciously try to make up for.

Fitness does not only involve lifting of heavy equipments in the gym, for instance a fast paced 30 minutes walk daily is also a form of physical fitness good for your general well being and especially your heart.

To relate physical fitness by weight loss only is not true. These cheats you would learn, will eventually still need to be developed into a healthy habit, so that you can shield your heart, bones, skin of course and other organs from advanced age debilitation processes.

I like this question so much, as a lot of people who face this problem would love a quick simple answer but are too shy to ask about a solution and thats what we do at favorite physician. We bring smart solutions to your problems. Although I cannot promise the answer to be so quick, but I have made it so simple to develop as a culture and eventually cultivate into a habit, your future self will definitely be thankful for.

Question: What easy way can I loose weight naturally without exercise?


I wouldn't professionally advise you to totally exclude the importance of exercise as a form of fitness, because you need to flex, stretch and contract your muscles and bones for a fully functional joint and motion system to avoid daily body challenges, like stiffness which causes body pains, aches and decreased mobility functions.

Do you lie in bed all day eating every cravings that passes by you and still expect to be fit physically? No, I do not practice magic thank you, therefore you will need to get some other form of physical work done.

I will share with you the options available and alternative methods you can use.

Ways To Loose Weight Naturally Without Exercise Are By;

  • Sweating; To lose weight you have to sweat once a day, preferable in the evening, these reduces the calories amount in your body and cuts down fat.

  • A good diet plan; [which I will explain further on favorite physician in our next article, telling you how to eat properly in small proportions and exclude eating food myths and presumptions to your physical exertion.] Depending on the work you do. For instance, a laborer uses more physical exertion therefore needs more energy, so proteins and carbohydrates are a necessity, while a receptionist who sits still on a desk requires less energy because they use less physical exertion and more brain function. Depending on what amount of energy you will be exerting, this would determine what your diet should look like.Also, the body needs fat for energy and warmth amongst other reasons and like many people looking to lose weight I am absolutely sure that you avoid fats, but its important to note that there are good fats also. Aim for those.

Drink lots of water and fluids. Eat fruits, seafoods and vegetables. Avoid excess sugar. Remember to take your supplements

  • Get your hormones in check. This is important because there are many medical disorders that can cause you to add or lose weight e.g diabetes, age, genetic related factors and so on.The stress hormone called cortisol has a great influence on your weight, so situations that create stress for you should be avoided absolutely..

Physician’s Advice;

To end our discussion always remember this very important fact that; What you eat in, you wear out.See your primary physician for further follow please.

If you know some facts not mentioned here, please do share yours so other faves may learn wisely. Leave your comments and whatever questions you have below in the comment box, kindly send me an email for whatever private related questions you have and do share this article on your social media page by clicking on the share button. Thanks.

Love, F.P.

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