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It's that flu season, are you down with the flu yet?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It is official, Spring is here, I have packed up my winter stuffs for this time, out with the old, in with the new or until the next. Welcome to a beautiful new season faves and I hope you have countless winter-tales for me. (I will share more, if you share some). Me as always, I will take the lead.

Dear fave,

This is gospel Health 1st and always.

TGIF is always awesome after a long week, which is where my story begins. Last Friday, I had a long-day/late-night that continued into an early morning appointment I had to keep, which I tried to compensate for by having a long nap close to dusk of Saturday evening, to my utter amazement I woke up with a dry throat and an uneasy feeling, sad, really sad, (I already know what that means, when such a symptom develops). I was exposed, so to say, damnnn. (excuse my language) What do you do then? (it is fun sometimes being your own case study). Firstly, you trace back all the steps of things which you did from the moment the symptoms began to show its ugly head, to a wide range of possibilities as to how and why it started. The very beginning of its inception, you just have to figure out where you went wrong and that is exactly what I am driving at of course together though. The point of me tracing it back with you is for future reference purpose, as this usually helps in preventing a future case similar to the original or better still with less risk-factors. Now let us trace back my steps and figure this out. During the weekend I caught a cold Saturday evening to be more precise (not to be mistaken with flu as I will try to explain in a coming blog). I do not want to patronize myself cos I know the main Cause and will drop straight at it, (covers eyes) I have been a bad Physician and now I am paying dearly for it. ( I hate being sick, no pity party necessary, taking care of moi, except it is my mamas pity party cos it sure has a lot of pecks to it, hehee) Back to the matter, So many times we pull through hectic schedules and difficult stuffs and forget the body is set at certain standards and is not a machine to just ignite whenever we feel like it. Being the super-person we always forget we are not all the time, I will say I overbooked my time and my body got the hang of it by getting stressed. STRESS Normally it would not have been an issue, but because the body works in such a way that something always has to compensate for the other. MY IMMUNE SYSTEM was put to the test, I hope you are getting the hang of it now, when my immune system was put to the test my diet was lacking, because not only did I skip a couple of breakfasts last week, I think I skipped on my multivitamins too, which can in medicine be compared to your body at a fasting state, My body broke down (SNAP), because once in a blue moon I think I can get away with being a SUPER-WOMAN, It is very okay to be hard-working and perseverant, but knowing when to draw the line (like in most cases) is the major KEY alert (as DJ Khaled would say). You should not live reckless like that and forget that the time the body needs to recuperate is the snooze time, (yes snooze time, not when you are struggling with your alarm snooze), but actually resting well by sleeping good and napping in most cases, I do not care how many hours you sleep for right time, because you can sleep for a long time and not be rested and then sleep for less than the usual and voliaaa, feel refreshed. Before you answer me on that one, think really hard, which it is? Another confession (last too) - I was so busy the whole week I totally skipped on fitness through out. What punishment do you give a naughty doctor who breaks the law? (not same as a law enforcement agent on a break I hope). I hope this week I am forgiven, as suffering from the cold and not feeling good is enough punishment already. Trust me being sick and not able to do all the things, you've being doing which got you sick in the first place can put you in a really tight corner. I hope, I just hope my current condition convinces you to take a step back from living a stress-filled life, now its a cold, tomorrow the flu, then migraine, before you know ulcers and so on. Be wise, Protect your health today and make your wealth tomorrow. In summary, all the little conscious and unconscious everyday decisions we take, makes up our health.

PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE Make a health goal, write them out, categorize em, stick to em, abide by em, then see yourself taking a step closer to your 100% healthier living.

Love Forever, Your Favorite Physician.

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