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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

Lovely day I'd say, started off yesterday with my sister in the kitchen baking (tryna spoil me for easter), hehee.

Happy Easter my favorite fave. With the weather calming down and atmosphere alternating, I noticed another beautiful change, actually I have been observing my lovely stalk present, that is finally blooming into a beautiful flower. (I will confess I am not sure of the name, maybe I should start learning about plants).

First of all I will say it is beautiful just watching it, bud, bloom, grow, eleven days and such beauty, wowwwww!!! God truly is wonderful,

If you did not know this yet or forgot from primary school, we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, plants on the other hand breath out oxygen and breath in carbon dioxide.

If you haven't ever taught about where the Oxygen you breath come from, now you understand the cycle of respiration and the importance.

Having a small pot of plant is not just a beauty, decoration wise but a most def for respiration, fresh flowers work well also, It refreshes you, the air around, then the fragrance it emits (by now you know thats part of my attraction, hehe) Perfumes are made from flowers too, amongst other ingredients.

What is the use of the those plastic decorations compared to the real thing? In this generation of pollution and global warming, protect your life-span in the little way you can. You need plants to complete your cycle of respiration.

Do I hear you complain of having to water, its not that demanding, get over it, on the bright side, you are a step closer to a 100% percent health.

Compliments of the season. Your happiness is important to your health, stay happy.


Your Favorite Physician.

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