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How Best To Use Multi-Vitamin Supplements, When and Why?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

If you think that the food you eat, contains all the supplements you need in the body, then you must re-think.

Find Out Why Supplements Are A Must in Your Diet.

When it relates to the skin specially, the other organs zaps up most of the nutrients, which is explained by the blood pathway in which it is received and as the skin is the largest organ, it barely consumes a sufficient amount it needs. Then there are trace nutrients that cannot be found in foods we eat and it shows in the skins integrity, like in the processes of wound healing and skin rejuvenation. Your skin’s general outlook, can tell a lot more about your health than you know. Which explains the need for extra care, more attention.

Reasons, Why Supplements Are A Must in Your Diet

Whether aging, beauty, health or plain fitness, whatever the reason is, there is always a supplement fit. If your major concern is aging then anti-oxidants are the best bet for you or if you are constantly exposed to smoke bad for your health, antioxidant is your go to supplementary need, for acne and oily skin the focus usually is a sebum regulatory effect that does it and so on.

You can swallow supplements or you can apply it locally on your skin. Your chemist knows best. Get a good prescription from a physician that focuses on the major issues affecting your health and/or areas of skin concern, make sure you show your physician the old supplements/multivitamins you are currently using to avoid overdose of any drug and help you pick out that is best for you at the moment. Instead of popping in various sizes of different vitamins, For example, instead of using a hair vitamin alone, go for a supplement-multivitamin available for the care of skin, hair and nails altogether, other mixed results are available and have the quantity right individually for each need/concern which most times are the same, with this you have killed multiply birds with just one stone. Saving that extra cash is what I help you with, find the set milestones and stay smart bottomline.

Why You Should Use a Supplement/Multi-vitamin.

The goal here is to help protect the skin from the inside, showing out. Depending on the area of your concern, there will be an improvement in your general well being.

You will notice these changes soon with the use of supplements/multivitamin;

  1. A good appetite and better diet results. You’ll feel the need to stay hydrated, thereby healthier, flushing away all toxins.

  2. Skin is softer and looks healthier, exhibiting the protective function fine.

  3. No more brittle, soft nails complaints. Beauty is a step closer.

  4. Hair stops breaking unnecessarily. Proteins are now put to good use sufficiently.

  5. Stress relief, it is a known fact that stress zaps most of your energy, both mentally and physically, these is where supplements/multivitamins take the step up role and rule out unnecessary exposure to immune related illnesses, accompanied by taking a rest that is.

Physician’s Advice

With the right Supplement and/ Multivitamin watch your life glow with health, A step closer to 100% health.

The safe upper limit depends on the type of Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals. There is a recommended daily allowance for each individual elements present in it and if mixed is usually within the boundaries. Adhere strictly with intake instructions, please.

Enjoy your use.


Favorite Physician.

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