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Holiday Remedies To Keep The Doctor Away

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

Compliments of the season to you…… hmmm I smell Christmas in the air, just before you forget the reason for the season which is our savior and Lord Jesus Christ while you go about eating everything you usually would eat in a month all in one day, purge and can’t leave the bathroom from constipation, feeling nauseated, vomiting and having indigestion let me give you a few tips from my health home remedy recipes which will help with the season which accompanies so much festivities, joy, food and drinks. First on the list is my health gospel always.

Water The first thing appropriate to do when I wake up in the morning is drink a glass of water, this not only aids digestion but also improves the metabolism and flushes toxins away keeping me healthy enough to enjoy the holiday season.

Take a tablespoon or capsule of my multivitamin and another water routine just before bed and when I wake up at night to urinate.

Health Tea An alternative, which I don’t substitute for water is my health tea. I boil a pot of water mixed with different healthy spices depending on the mood I desire, allow it brew, inhale, take a sip and add a bit of honey if I need that sweetness all day long. Yummmm Hot cocoa if I need that energy brew, camomile for that relaxing feel after a long day effect. E.t.c Following the spirit of the holiday season, for a free sample of health tea now available for sale nation-wide send me an email and follow us on Instagram and like on Facebook today, leaving a review of your health story as favorite physician has helped you today. Work Out

I know this is the least I want to think about when I’m eating every sugar coated thing possible, but 5-10 mins of body stretching before I go to bed at night, when I find rest or an exercise work out first thing in my morning routine, would have any body screaming THANK YOU when the holiday is over. Poop Therapy

This is a mechanism of stimulating the passage of excretion, preferably in the morning after the entire digestion from the previous night and can be done with music, the sound of water for urinating or browsing your social media page on the toilet seat (W.C.). But if constipated which is almost unlikely, all I need to do is prepare a bowl of warm water, apply a disinfectant solution like dettol or septol and add a significant amount of table salt, sit for about 5 minutes or more and voliaa my anus is free and clean for the next set of edibles.

Not to forget the available that sets the bowels free: A bowl of occasional fruits before any serious meals

Nuts like dates, cashew nuts, coconut and others beat any snack I can think of at noon. Physician’s Advice

In summary, the body is more relaxed and senses of metabolism work better. Remember to see a specialist if it’s an emergency or the symptoms persists for more than 3days after doing the natural remedies recommended. What other common or uncommon holiday issues do you or someone you know face occasionally, share with me via the comments box below or via email today. Dear Santa if you’re real my wish really is just a complete check on my apple. Thanks P.S God is real.

Love, F.P.

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