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HEALTHCare My Outlook

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

I promised a review on the general healthcare system in Nigeria. As a nation, what the country Nigeria has faced, is facing, and sometimes face, should be able to determine what we’ll go through if we allow it.

Talking about what’s been going on, an outbreak of deadly fevers have occurred occasionally, breeding unnecessary news which brought nothing but bad vibes. Whether the leaders like it or not, as health workers, our attitude should be mixed. We made an oath which some suppose to be an initiation into being a super human; late night calls making sure the patients have all the proper care, while still getting ready the next morning early enough to make it for the unit rounds, work and other necessities, while working all day with a zero glucose level.

Let’s talk finance! Though on an average, a simple health worker earns above the minimum wage in this country yet thge lifestyle is peanut compared to the title. What do I mean? I’m sure you’re thinking, well as a doctor, you earn according to the current CONMESS which in most cases have to be fought to be upgraded. Even when you get the complete 100%, your relatives, friends and most people around think they know what you earn, target the time of the month when they suspect the alert, then bring their ridiculous demands like you’re some bank; ignoring the fact that you have a child in a private school paying more than double of what the government schools do, uniforms, books, just to make sure your child gets the best legacy you can leave them through knowledge.

As if that’s not enough, you’re either paying rent or completing a house building or just acquiring the land because the doctors welfare package includes nothing like having a standard house, car or other charges. Unpleasantly, when you receive any of this, it seems like you’re being done a favor for what definitely you’re even being charged for. Deliberately look at the breakdown of your salary pay slip and smile at the disgust on the different charges being excluded indifferently based on formalities.

With that said, what is left? Is it worth the time? Is it worth the passion? How suitable is it as a believer to not get tempted in involving in private practice because the facility you’re operating with has nothing working? I’m not talking about corruption but an oversight due to lackadaisical attitude of the pot bellied hungry people meant to oversee the system which should work properly.

P.S The situation is not that of only the health sector, because I’m sure if given the opportunity we can all give a piece of our mind of how the entire system in the Nation needs refurbishment. Somehow, that’s how working together on our individual capabilities can change this old mentality. Let the youths take over and be given an opportunity to sail this ship on an improved pathway.

God is involved in our situations more than we think. Pass through again next week for a series on beautiful health stories from this same author. Be sure to share as you do.

Love ❤️ F.P.

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