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Get rid of that stink easily, with permanent results.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In a previous post, I joked about being able to smell your stinking socks from across the room, hehe. Well I wasn't joking, but because I know how sensitive this topic can be, I will be your favorite physician today, as I always am and help you get through it as simply as I can.

Dear fave,

Is it a stinking feet, Is it a stinking sock or Is it a stinking shoe?

Causes Put a check to your hygiene. If you know what causes the smell, this would definitely help you STOP IT. Micro-organisms Number one fact is that, the smell is caused by the micro-organisms you allow to breed. Stop wondering how you allow that. Your feet contains about 250, 000 sweat glands, which provides a beautiful, warm and moist environment which micro-organisms love. It is not the sweat but bacteria in the process of metabolizing the sweat that causes the smell (this goes for body odor too).

Infections Rule out any possibilities of you having a fungi infection (also known as athlete foot), If you have one, treat it simply with anti-fungal powder, cream or oil essentials. Prevent the fungus growth by keeping your feet dry and clean. Foot wear

Most times, it's the make of the shoe material or fabric, check the difference with your other shoe types, canvas, sneakers, suede the inner soles material, especially of plastic and rubber (which promotes sweat. Leather is a good material. Use cotton and wool socks instead of nylon and others.

Permanent Riddance:

  1. Always air shoes, socks and your feet as much as possible. The goal is to relieve moisture.

  2. Wash your feet thoroughly at least once a day, dip teabags in a bowl of water, soak feet for at least 30minutes or sprinkle salt in a bowl of warm water.

  3. Wash the sock, shoe, clean, steam. Do not wear until it is completely dried.

  4. Leave citrus peel-orange, lemon, lime overnight.

  5. Apply few drops of antibacterial properties containing essential oils – like lavender, tea-tree oil,

  6. Available in drugstores are various types of foot spray, odor neutralizer antibacterial and anti-fungal spray specially for this purpose, powders, baking soda, coffee, vinegar

  7. Switch your innersoles for cedar wood material

  8. Create a clean shoe routine, make it a habit- when you get back home to not just throw the shoes into the closet or rack, as the shoes have dragged all the dirts during its time out, take time to clean it and if you cannot immediately do it then, leave it by your door and do it first thing in the morning before your shower or at night while you have the strength to.

  9. Cannot get the hang of cat litter yet, but it works as a deodorant for your shoes, place in a sock overnight in the shoes.

  10. Wear your shoes alternatively, this gives it time to air out, invest in good pair of shoes.

  11. Wear clean cotton or woolen socks with your shoes.

  12. Check your diet – it contributes to the smell of your sweat, garlic, spices, lack of zinc in diet causes foot odor.

PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE- Figure out the cause and avoid it. Prevention is better than cure. If you cannot control the odor, if you have an immunocompromised system, diabetes, HIV or are pregnant - visit a Podiatrist. Give your feet a nice massage before bed, it improves blood circulation and reduces toxins.

LOVE - Your Favorite Physician. Click on my YouTube link for a detailed video on this topic.

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