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FIRE- “Is Water The Remedy?.”

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Beautiful readers, today marks the third week, of skin-care since the burn and you know, for a caramel/chocolatey skinned people, we do not like any form of depigmentation whatsoever, but however liking the result, so far.

Dear Fave,

Welcome to another segment with your favorite physician, we’ve all made many mistakes when to comes to beauty, some easy to recuperate, while others not so easy, well allow me to walk you through a few tips I have learnt with my skin journey so far, and please do not hesitate in any means necessary to share your own experience with moi too.

“I love my skin.” I hear many people say, but seriously how well do you know your skin, and how far are you willing to replace habits for your skin-care-solution, here learn only proven facts which are shared and maybe some theories you can extend to practice safely, remember when it comes to the skin, there’s a fire that cannot be extinguished with water- which is literally sang, no jokes.

“Don’t go near the kitchen gas cooker, when you're making a phone-call.” He says to me. Well it also applied to the case of me making a phone-call, and I got carried away by what I and my friends were discussing about, as I tried to move the cloth an inch, the dress made its way and the tip of the iron, wooshhh!. I got burned from a careless move.

I got a second degree burn.

The second lightest and mildest form of burn in severity, a superficial partial-thickness. In second-degree burns, burn involves the epidermis and superficial (papillary) dermis, often resulting in thin-walled, fluid-filled blisters. These burns appear pink, moist, and soft and are exquisitely tender when touched by a gloved hand. They heal in approximately 2-3 weeks, usually without scarring. The Remedy Used is:

  1. An instant cooling down of the affected area of the skin (mine- medial forearm) under running water, for about 15-20 minutes. Check 5 ways in which water works effect of wonders for the skin here.

  2. I applied honey (my favorite natural remedy) immediately after I cleaned it, because there was no inflammation present, for more about honey click here,

  3. Next I increased my water intake. Fluids and multi-vitamins, then I got more protein and high calorie, included in my diet which isn't an issue for a sweet tooth. When you get burned you lose trace minerals like copper, zinc, selenium e.t.c Vitamins A, B complex, C and E need to be replenished to speed up the healing process too.

Care I Issued daily:

After shower for a week I would apply honey directly to burn area and leave on through the night, for moisturizing skin-care, I applied shea-butter daily all over, and a separate sunscreen protection lotion, SPF 40 when going to be exposed to the U.V rays from the sun.

No worries, it would fade away fast just do not be bothered by the initial process and that is all.


To everybody, do make sure you go out immediately to see a physician near you, when you or someone you know gets a burn, that is more than just the outer skin i.e skin deep, or involving muscle tissue which may look charred, brown or maybe black. There is also a possibility of the person experiencing a shock which could lead to death. This is a serious case and should be addressed in an emergency unit as soon as possible. You Should get the person to the nearest emergency clinic or yourself. Leave your questions and comments below, make sure to share.




Lecture notes on burns, severity and treatment.

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