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Everyday Habits To Stop Recurrent Candidiasis and Yeast Infections

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Fave,

Believe It Or Not The Major Reasons Why You Still Suffer From Recurrent/Reinfection of Candidiasis/Yeast Infections is majorly your fault.

It is no secret that a healthy vagina is every woman’s desire but keeping it so is not without its own works. If you still get a recurrent reinfection from the candida yeast infection, especially coupled with desiring habits that proves worthless for the process read on; The whitish/gray (cottage cheese) discharge you experience that also accompanies itching and sometimes redness of the warm moist area of the vagina. Find out more on favorite physician, why those everyday habits you have cultivated are not good for your vagina and how to stop this bothersome reoccurrence of a yeast infection.

Over a million women in the course of their lives have been faced with these stubborn yeast infection and a number of them suffer constant reinfection recurrently.

Bath dips; This includes a swim and other water activities that involves the inflow of a fluid into your vagina. It changes the PH level of the vagina and encourages the growth of the fungi which is the main agent of yeast infection. Douching; This continues to be a source of argument by major health practitioners, any soap, liquids flushed through the vagina space for whatever reason should be avoided, unless prescribed by your primary health physician. Insertion of tampons during periods; Before you get all defensive about how comfortable tampons can be compared to pads and other period sanitary measures, remember you are reading this facts because after treating a yeast infection, in less than six months you are treating another one. The application of tampons desire a sterile condition, your hands must be washed clean, finger nails clean and the tampons itself must not be contaminated, sealed and so on. If your vagina is sensitive to tampons then ruling tampons out wouldn't kill you for a 3-7days period a month. Try other alternatives Dairy and sugar; Arghh! although not really proven, the funny twisty irony to this one is that as much as dairy can be a risk of the infection it proudly is used as a treatment too. Huh! Yes yogurt is a natural management for yeast infection, as milk and sugar is a risk factor/ causative agent.

Antibiotics; This goes for patients on a prescription of antibiotics for a long time frame, the antibiotics kills all the bacteria in your body system leaving only the fungi which broods without any competition. It is usually advisable to administer some anti-fungal therapy short course immediately after the long inception of antibiotics and some physicians also administer a prescription of probiotics which further replaces lost bacteria with good ones, that are good for your body function. Do not act all surprised your body system is fashioned to work with other micro-organisms in a symbiotic relationship.

By avoiding the above stated facts and staying away from others, will lead to a less likely case of reinfection/recurrent candidiasis yeast infections, but knowing the ultimate management is key too;

A lot of natural remedy has surfaced all around the internet and its only wise to be careful when picking your choice without your physician’s recommendations, like;

Tea tree oil As much as I love this magic oil I just think it is quiet harsh for the skin not to think of the mucous lining of the vagina which is even more sensitive than the skin, maybe diluted it is better, then again the likely hood of your physician advising you to is low.

Yogurt Is great in many ways because it cools the hot itchiness, and replaces bacteria reducing the flourishing of fungi which causes the yeast infection. It is a case of balance and is both logical and scientific. Others; Apple vinegar, citric juices, honey and many other natural remedies Drugs;

Over the counter anti-fungal drugs are readily available like, Mycoten, Fluconazole e.t.c in forms of anti fungal tablets, creams and suppositories depending on acute or severe recurrent cases. Physician's Advice 3'S Avoid sweets, sex, self prescriptions. Love, F.P Know a fave in need of this article, be sure to share through the social media handles and leave your comments, questions or contributions.

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