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Aroma? My zen through the day.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If I use the term, Scent fanatic. I hope language critics won't crucify me, hehe. Dear Fave, What term do you use when you have a nose for fantastic and beautiful scents? yeah I thought as much, so I'm back yo my scent-fanatic term used.

Imagine the smell of different atmospheres - the rain, the ocean breeze, the trees, food, so on. Aroma therapy is a usual zen for me and it works pretty well. scented candles, body mists, perfumes, air fresheners, beauty incense, oil perfumes, fruit balls. Name em, all tested and tried. Well in a country with no smell or that zaps up your scent as it comes, it is only necessary to revamp it, in the possible way you can. (scent)

pocket wise it zaps the purse, but very necessary and worth it, I would say. Which would I consider my favorite of all? well depends on what I need it for: Rooms or big spaces

  • Oil aroma works better for me and it is modern ish,

  • If I were to go locally - I will suggest turaren-wuta (which means in my native tongue Hausa- incense burnt by fire or light). It is a heavily scented, oil soaked wood that is burnt for various purposes, mostly the scent.

  • Or basically just a beauty spa incense. The belief is true, northerners have a really heighten sense of smell. I could smell your stinking socks from across the room, hmm and no jokes access the solution here.

Personally On the body apart from having a shower, using a body mist, deodorant, or spray. Oil based products are better, because they seal off the scent in the body and happen to last longer on the body and clothes, for days even. Environment I have a tendency of randomly sniffing into my wrist or palms, sometimes I breath down through my shirt, my studies have shown that smell is attached to happiness. Public transport Not all taxis use the initiative to freshen their vehicles, by all means I have a purse perfume which I re-spray in the vehicle, when the need arises and lower the window down a bit or completely, depending on the weather.

Oh don't you just hate a bad odor? hmmm.....

I would not speak much about dental hygiene - please brush, floss, by all means gargle, rinse with a mouthwash, chew a sugar-free mint gum and yea most importantly drink lots of water now. Muahhhh... HEALTH-TIP Sniff or chew a menthol based product, now and then, notice the difference in your airway system.

Love, Favorite Physician.

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