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Are You Tired Of The Public Humiliation, Constant Itching From Recurrent Dandruff Causes? Then You S

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

Heat or Cold, an itching scalp can pose as anyone's worst nightmare especially in public.

I have had my fair share of dandruff, but recently I re-experienced it again and damn, I could not stand it.

Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp, causing flakiness and itchy dried scaly scalp.

It is a very common skin condition regardless of race and gender.

The most popular anti dandruff products used in our Nigerian locality has sulphur as the main ingredient.

Others include menthol, soda ash (part of the ingredient of Africanblack soap)

Here are some more from mayoclinic

Funny enough, sulphur is like a magic treatment sold in the roadside and motor park's magic ointment that can solve just about anything possible; ranging from acne, dandruff, bumps, psoriasis, just name it...

This little ointment solutions claim to solve it all.

That's not my bone of contention, mine however is how the basic anti-dandruff solutions available locally do not work for me, but instead I'll be itching my scalp even more and can't stand the process at all.

Before you begin to assume, my hair hygiene is optimal; I take along my own combs to the salon, use my own special shampoo and conditioner (not always anti-dandruff), wash any weaves I reuse and never fix a weave on a previous plaiting unwashed.

Being a doctor; full scale hygiene detector is always activated in me.

I can tell when the source is from my hairdresser.

How rude do you think it is, asking your hairdresser to please wash her hands after a client before proceeding to work on your hair?

I mean even for their own benefit.

I remember once when I had to beg the hairdresser to please wash her hands after beautifying a client with conjunctivitis during an outbreak.

I had to because I was not ready to be quarantined on sick leave because of something I could avoid, if you know what I mean.

"If you consistently notice how dandruff keeps reoccurring then you have to take control once and for all"

Once I had dandruff after making a new hairdo I was so scared of the itch I thought I had a lice infestation.


First I want to state that my hair is natural and it's a process I'm currently working through. (Hopefully I'll share the entire journey when I've mastered enough tricks and grown super length which I believe is pretty soon).

  • Hair combs are personal.

The main source of dandruff is mostly spread in the salon. You must have noticed how the same combs are being shared for everyone present and how it's hardly washed, and almost never sterilized.

Little wonder how after only two days of washing your hair or making a new hairdo, your fingers can't stop scratching your scalp.

Know which anti-dandruff product is beneficial for your hair.

It's a constant in beauty to have numerous options to have to pick from when choosing a certain cosmetic product; however I have taught how to know which cosmetic product is the best and how to choose accordingly "Find Link Here"

But most especially do not be shy to try more than one product at a time if one that used to previously work no longer does.

  • Conditioners Are A Hair's Best Friend

Be it deep or leave-in conditioners, I absolutely adore conditioners now. My hair is naturally soft, even now that it literally is "Natural" so it took me awhile to get a hang of loving conditioners.

One of the perks of having a natural hair is that; natural hair consume more moisture, hence the need for water and nutrients in various forms possible.

I won't like to soil my hand with hair cream always and who's even talking about hair cream when we're saying moisture?

Here's what I do; I mix a bottle of homemade moisture solution and apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

In a spray bottle, put a quarter of liquid leave-in conditioner,

Add basic essential oils you'll need, like tea-tree oil which has a great antiseptic and antibacterial action and works wonders on dandruff in a subtile way. (Works better than sulphur for me)

Flaxseed oil, Morrocan oil, Avocado oil, Carrot oil, Argan oil, Peppermint oil or whatever else is already in your haircare routine.

(N.B. minimize the total amount of oil you put in, as little goes a longer way).

Finally add water to fill the remaining half of the bottle.

No your hair will not smell, it's in spritz and will just keep the hair moisturized than wet.

Ultimately since prevention is better than cure, make sure to wash all your combs regularly, I do mine same time as I wash my makeup brushes.

What do you think has been the major cause of dandruff you've been encountering and how have you solved this?

When you try the homemade hair moisture, do give a review.

For personal consultation also, send me an email on

We'd love to here from you, leave your comments below.



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