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Are you bathing right?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In all the caricatures of live, I will say scrubbing is my best bath time of the week.

Bathe, the most common way to clean the body. Prevent the spread of diseases, get rid of excess oil on the skin surface layer, dead skin cells, dirts and most importantly the sweat which gets to sink (find out more about sink here.) after a while thereby producing body odors, amongst other reasons, not to ignore how much I love a tub salted, aroma bath.

Dear Fave,

What is it about scrubbing, my best bathe time of the week? I must say, it is about the soft coarse feel of the cream beads on my skin. Gently assisting nature, dis-integrate the dead skin cells and giving room for new skin to breathe, be healthy, which in turn transcends to a happier me. Do I just say, I think the importance of it all in my bath regimen has grown on me (habits). Whatever the reason, I just love any regime that has health benefits attached to it, habits or not. In essence, our generation seems to forget the importance of prophylaxis/prevention and would rather go for treatments.

You see, what we fail to realize from this is, how treating our body right, with even minor things such as a bath can go a long way in the long run. Helping the psychological state of the entire well being. So today take control of your body, keep it healthy, keep it alive and most importantly, keep it happy. Show your body love today.

Tell me, is scrubbing in your bathe regimen?


Favorite Physician.

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