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7 reasons why you should Stop picking your face and tips on how to stop

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear Fave,

The relationship between having terrible acne scars that would not go away, skin discoloration, spots and beauty psychology is directly proportional to certain habits.

It's not news that several people do face various challenges of skin disorders and it affects them mentally but what can be done is to reverse the scars created from the skin issues in the first place the right way.

Let me cite a typical example you can relate with:

It's morning, you're still lazy in bed, tossing and turning, trying to get out of bed, one side of cheek on the pillow, fingers running through the other side of the cheek, the euphoric feeling of a new day. Then later during the day, instead of the five pimples you last counted yesterday, they are now seven plus the ones under the skin you can feel is about to break out, but the last five instead of looking better has not healed and is now having a different color from the skin around.

The Pimple Cycle

A pimple is formed after the pore in a skin gets clogged with excess oil, dirt, dead skin, sweat and leads to an inflammation hence the formation.

The skin acts as a communication between the inside and outside of our body, a regular phenomenon in which the pore allows the skin to breathe. Once this process is obstructed, then an inflammation occurs from the build-up of oil and other materials, picking the face and trying to forcibly get it out only further worsens the pimple.

"Comprehending the cycle it takes for a pimple to form, is the very first step to breaking the habit."

Bacteria from the hands introduced to an ongoing inflammatory process helps to accelerate an infection hence the nasty sight and long process it takes the pimple to heal.

Tips To Stop Picking Your face


  • These are everyday initiatives you put into place that with time you just see yourself subconsciously repeating. As much as habits can be good some could also be bad. How you channel habits is key to self-improvements. An example of building a positive one will be to: Have a handy sanitiser that can be carried around and used when necessary, or place one in a space regularly used.

  • Recently I learned about the 'CANCEL CANCEL' habit extinction. Positivity pushes us farther than we think and its how this method works. When you feel the urge to pick your face, just say aloud 'STOP STOP' or 'CANCEL CANCEL' when you touch your face. It would also help to think of doing something positive with your hands, like doing the dishes, or visualise yourself cleansing your skin which would help make you feel clean.


  • I made a video that tells how the use of public toilets aren't as scary as the thought seems, in actual reality, your hands are the ones you should be more careful of. According to microbiologists, the hands contains 1,000 bacteria per square inch, which is more bacteria than your toilet seat, and that is why it is always relevant to wash your hands regularly.

  • Before any sanitary procedure, after using the restrooms, touching dirty surfaces, after pressing your phones and other gadgets wash your hands. All of this built up dirt carry bacteria which when in contact with the skin forms acne. A good habit I learned from my mum while growing up was to wash my hands immediately I got into the house, instead of following my urge to open the fridge first. While in the market and we got street foods or snacks no eating until after the hands were cleaned (hence a need for handy sanitizers). In general, all of those constant reminders to avoid me getting sick back then, drastically improved my mind about keeping clean hands besides all the pathology I learned about in med school.


  • Once the habit of clean hands has been developed, the next microbial contact to avoid will be dirty linens, especially the pillowcases. Oil products from your hand smudges all over the pillowcase and the skin on your face comes in contact with the same area every time you lay on the pillow.

  • A regular change of pillowcase has shown to decrease the chances of breakouts.

  • Several sleeping positions have birthed the experience of this next tip. Sleeping in a supine position (lying on the back with face up) is the best way to keep the face off the pillow. Before you start whining of how you love your fetal sleep position, the real tip will be to ease into the position. First, start by maintaining your current sleep position but with a twist of having your face up and off the pillow. You might keep waking up with your cheeks on the pillow but with consistent determination, you'll gradually be natural at it.

Book a Professional Appointment

  • Booking a professional appointment helps positively when you feel your hand trying to pop or pick at that pimple, your mind tells you the appointment is worth the wait. The urge dies down when you think of the aesthetician using a sanitary method to extract each pimple and treat it properly.


Follow your regular beauty routine, it treats the skin without further infection.

Besides giving a clear skin, all these tips also help keep the flu away.

If you need help building a beauty routine specifically for your skin, contact us for a consultation now. Share with us what makes you pick on your face and how it makes you feel.



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