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Activate the Radiant You. Scrub -edit

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Do you know that no matter your skin color, it can still look clean, smooth, even-toned and feel polished, What is the secret? hehe!!!

Most definitely not toning or bleaching agents contrary to arisen popular beliefs recently. I know the climate and harsh weather factors contribute to damaging the skin tone (today is not about uv rays but get a good sunscreen protector), well what are you doing besides worsening it with more harsh factors?

This is why you should know the importance of body exfoliation. Scrubbing-exfoliation is a routine I had to learn to incorporate into my simple bathe regimes, exfoliate Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary to ​removedeadskincells from the ​surface of the ​skin, in ​order to ​improveitsappearance

Scrubbing/exfoliation and its benefits. First let me briefly explain to you the way your skin works, breakouts, breakdown, shedding, peeling, cracks, sores be it home made or purchased from a store it should be on your shower menu. The beauty of body scrubs is the combination of the cleansing, exfoliation and massage effects. This is why you should set your bar of soap aside.exfoliate!

- want help with anti aging? - unclogging clogged pores? -Hyperpigmentation - Dry flaky skin Concerned about wrinkles -or just desire a smooth skin? So, now that you are convinced that a body scrub is an important item in your beauty regime,

Back to the topic, have you ever scrubbed/exfoliated? If no, then it is not too late to start. If yes, when was the last time and I say this because the last time you went to the spa does not count.

I know how important scrubbing is, some cultures actually deem it important as a part of tradition before sealing off any union, oh yeaaa!! I have a couple of girlfriends who have a special day for their tub baths, jacuzzi and others, cannot say the same for scrubbing.

How often do you scrub and why choose that amount? be sure not to be removing too much of the skin’s protective barrier and releasing much-needed moisture.

Honey. Honey helps to speed up the natural exfoliation process and has humectant qualities, which help attract moisture, making it great as a hydrating facial scrub. Squirt a nice sized dollop into clean hands and scrub face gently, washing with warm water.

Yogurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid, the same alpha hydroxy acid found in skin care treatments, only milder. It soothes, smoothes and evens skin tone. Apply plain yogurt to face and let sit 20 minutes, then rinse.

Sugar. Sugar cane is a natural source of glycolic acid, another alpha hydroxy that can boost new skin cell production as well as smooth and soften the skin. Mix a half-cup white or brown sugar with enough olive or grapeseed oil to make a paste and apply to face in circular motion. Let sit for 10 minutes and wash away with warm water.

Lemon juice. Lemon juice is another natural alpha hydroxy acid that removesdead skin cells. Mix one-quarter-cup each of lemon juice, apple juice, grape juice and cane sugar until sugar dissolves. Then apply the mixture to your face with a cotton pad, and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Papaya. Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which dissolves dead skin cells. Papain may also heal skin and cause fine lines and age spots to lighten. Papain is most potent in young fruit, so select green papayas. Mash the fruit into a smooth paste and apply to face, leaving on for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow exfoliation with a good moisturiser for best results.

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